20 Facts About Me

Was trying to think what would be great for a first post - what better way than to introduce myself! Here are twenty pretty random facts that you probably wouldn't know about me:

1. I have a phobia of mice and rats. Like I'm actually terrified.

2. I barely eat breakfast, but if I do I eat my cereal dry. Soggy Coco Pops are a thing that will NEVER appeal to me - so gank.

3. I don't like Nutella or Oreos (apparently this is a big deal)

4. I think I use brackets too much (lol)

5. I broke my arm when I jumped backwards onto monkey bars and fell off - I think this arm has never really recovered because it's so weak and I sprained it when I punched a door - uni problems eh.

6. Was recorded for 24 hours in A&E due to the above issue, it aired on the 13th June 2016 if you wanna check it out.

7. I've worked in Corfu and Lapland

8. England is 100000% colder than the -28 degrees I lived through in Lapland, it's so wet and rubbish here

9. I had a Ford KA called Vodka </3

10. She has 'Vod' stuck before the KA on the back and a huge dent on the passenger side that everyone always stares at in traffic

11. I am a bad driver (if thats not obvious from above)

12. I always get myself in to funny situations.

13. One time I screamed at Greg James on Radio 1 because I thought he asked me to - he didn't.

14. I have THE most worse cough in the world, like it's horrific. But there's nothing I can do about it, soz.

15. I have watched a ridculously small amount of TV and Films for someone who is a Production of TV graduate - name a film or show and there is 99% chance I haven't seen it.

16. I drink squash really strong - I did use to drink it straight occasionally.

17. I've served Lily Allen at a bar and served canapes to Kevin Spacey, but didn't recognize him. And still wouldn't.

18. I'm very laid back and rarely get really angry - so when I'm angry you know it's fo real.

19. I'm scared of fire but have a pretty serious candle addiction problem.

20. I love reading random facts about people, so hope ya'll like this!


  1. Just reading this now haha, but we actually have so much in common! I broke my arm badly falling off monkeybars as well, I have a KA with a big dent in the door (thank you to the tit who drove into the side of me) and I never ever get angry. I genuinely laughed at the Greg James thing ahaha!

    Hannah xx