Adult Colouring Book - REVIEW


So, anyone who knows me knows that I am a Harry Potter fanatic. I remember when the books came out running round at school trying to brag that you've read the most, and when the worst rumour about a certain House Elf went rushing round the school halls </3
So it is absolutely no suprise that out of two adult colouring books I have, one of them is the Harry Potter one. The other one is one about the busy scenes of London, where I spent all of my University life, living it up in the big city.

As someone who regularly struggles with sleep, Santa brought me these books as they've been rumoured to help someone slip off to sleep without the use of all this fandangle technology (which is something I struggle with), and switch off the brain.

First off, the Harry Potter one:

This book is great - one of the wonderful things that comes with Harry Potter is that your imagination can be as crazy as possible, which is transferable in many of the pages such as the one above - as well as some flyers for Weasleys Wizard Wheezes products. However, there is also some scenes from the films as well, turned into colouring pages. Whilst I love the films, I sometimes think too much about these pages which makes them a little less relaxing - maybe these pages would be more use for something to do during the day, or other people may find it relaxing.

Next up, the London one:

This one is fabulous. For someone who knows all the sights of London from regularly taking walks around London on a lazy Saturday, I love seeing these drawn up for me to colour in. The pictures vary from the markets, underground stations and walks along the riverbanks. I love that all of them give you scope to fill in the colours as you would like, from different fireworks to different busy people going about their crazy lives. With the ability to let my imagination roll this lets my mind start closing off and lets me drift into a lovely sleep... ZZZzzzz!

Of course no colouring book would be any use without some great colouring pencils, and I found these ones on offer at my local WH Smiths. I believe they were on offer at around £3.99, and they have been great. With a wide range of colours, once again these let my imagination run away with me! 

What do you think about adult colouring books? Let me know below!