For someone who is only 22 (and yes, I feel about 500) I have already done quite a bit with my time here on Earth - and I only intend to do more! I have a sense for adventure, for working hard but enjoying myself and stretching myself to the limits. I try never to let anything stop me from pushing my boundaries, and exploring things outside of my tiny little Island.

So I wanted to write about some of the crazy adventures and experiences I have already had, hopefully to convince others to go out and experience life! I'm going to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with my first adventure, and what a crazy one it was: Gamesmaker at the London 2012 Olympics!

Insert cheesy picture of me looking as happy as can be! I remember this experience SO clearly, it was honestly one of the best things I've ever done, it's strengthened my confidence within myself, made me brave my fear of London and in particular the Tube, and it looks bloody brilliant on a CV!

I remember I went up to collect my uniform once I knew I'd got the place, had to go all the way from the wee Isle of Wight to the big scary city all on my own, and somehow navigate to Star Lane (who, in all honestly has ever heard of this station??) and then get a train up to Worcester, where the rest of my family had already embarked on a classic family holiday. My first (of many) experience of missing a train happened here, I remember the sinking in my heart as I watched the last train to Worcester pull out of Paddington Station... seems so dramatic in my memory and I remember calling my auntie up with such panic 'How am I going to get to you knowwwwww??'.

Anyway, after I finally made my way up to Worcester, and after the holiday I was dropped off at another family members house on the outskirts of West London, nervous and ready for my newest adventure. I had already been taken round the park on my induction, so knew how to get there, which made me slightly more ready for the 5:30am starts that would get me to my shift start at 7am, such a trek! 

Every morning when we arrived we were given like a colour or number tag (my memory defeats me here) and a food voucher for as many meals as our shift required, and based on the tag thing we were arranged into groups, and taken to where we would be working that day. I was based in the Aquatics Park and did such a variety of shifts, everybody always wanted the shifts which were inside, letting you watch the action, but my favourite shift was the one pictured above. I remember it was my last day, and I had desperatley wanted to sit on that chair since I arrived! I actually asked to be positioned there because I thought 'if not now, never!'. I basically helped speak to the crowd as they came into they queued to get into the park, reminding them to drink lots of water and getting them all excited and warmed up! It was theee best! I shouted out to all the supporters with their flags, (attempting) to say stuff in their language, which definitely started getting harder after I'd said hello in French, Spanish and Japanese about 1000 times. I guess as I'd had a lot of experience hosting a radio show previously I knew how to speak clearly into a microphone, and it was just incredible to help build up the excitement and such an iconic event! 

 Amongst the time off exploring (I intend to write another post about exploring in London, watch this space!) I did many different shifts, from inside the centre to checking peoples tickets in. I also explored the wonderful park, from seeing the huge Orbit (what really is it?) and even getting to watch a Water Polo match free of charge, and watching Tom Daley practice (who would ever turn that down eheheheh). It really was, to this day, four years later (WAT) one of the most incredible experiences I have ever done. Volunteering anywhere is a wonderful experience, it is so satisfying; helping others and helping people enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity, it just makes me insides so happy. I wish I could go back and do this again, but the chance of the Olympics ever coming to somewhere near me again is quite unlikely, but fingers crossed!

Have you ever done anything like this? Did you go to the Olympics? Let me know below!