Well, as the title suggests I'm feeling very nostalgic today.

I spent the evening yesterday sorting out old videos, and putting the ones that had been changed into DVD's on my Mac. And there are some crackers.

It's got me thinking about how much easier and more fun things used to be. Remember a time before everything you did was on social media? Or when you used to get excited about receiving the latest Spice Girls on cassette (yes, of course I was a massive fan), going for long walks in the outside and not putting it on Instagram, and getting excited about a snazzy raincoat and umbrella duo, as modelled above by two year old me... We used to spend so much time talking as a family, spending time in the outside world and videoing everything on an old video camera - I would love to get my hands on one of these!

This is probably my most favourite video of myself of all time - it's such a classic. Me, dressed up as a McDonalds at my school fete, I reckon I was around 5/6. The school fetes when everyone was there, dressed up and doing line dancing. People having a BBQ, cake sale, throw a pie at a teacher etc ... why have these stopped? Probably because no one goes to them anymore, there's too much to do at home with computers, millions of TV channels, why bother speaking to people in person?

Don't get me wrong, I use social media and the internet as much as anyone these days. I would love to get off Facebook, or Twitter or something for a month and see how it is, but I use Facebook to search for jobs and Twitter to promote my blog, so neither one is realistic. Social Media and the world has come a long long way and makes so many things much easier, but it's taken the interaction out of seeing people. So many people these days just sit behind computers all day (I mean, it's actually my job to be on a computer so...) or on their phones instead of doing the old fashioned thing and talking. We almost get so caught up in our 'online worlds' we forget that we're in a much more real and exciting one, with the beauties of fresh air, muddy shoes and the bright blue sky (much less of a thing in Britain of course, but days like today really are something) 

When I was growing up I remember having absolutely no cares, which I am so grateful now. Now children are so aware of technology it's easy to let them get sucked into it. Having a 7 year old brother often makes me worry that he won't have the same carefree childhood I did, but I think so far it's okay. We never used to care what we looked like (clear example of that above... what were my parents thinking????), whether we were muddy or got wet, and just used to go with the flow. I'm so glad that I didn't really start wearing make up until high school, and even now I'm not particularly efficient with it. I remember when I was at Middle School and I had a Nokia 3310 - Google it - with an Eeyore Case and everyone wore blue eyeshadow - these days kids have iPhones and MAC make up at this stage! It's great having an embarrassing stage to look as it as it makes for even more giggles.

I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic for old simple times/a time where I wasn't o l d. The stress of jobs and work and careers and my weight is such a burden, and I wish I could go back to making all those decisions again.

And I miss the Spice Girls ofc.

Who was your favourite band growing up? Let me know below!!