Let's CHAT - FRIENDS Episodes!!

Doesn't EVERYBODY love Friends?
I sure do. I think I've only met a couple of people who really don't like Friends - it's a rare find!
I really do believe it's one of the classic timeless shows out there.

SO as I'm half way through rewatching them all for about the 230th time, I thought I would chat to you guys about my favourite Friends episodes - and a BONUS my least favourite!
All pictures are from Warner Bros - Friends... OBVS!

Favourite Episodes:
Now, these top 4 aren't really in any particular order, it was hard enough to get a top four let alone order those!

- The One Where No Ones Ready (Season 3, Episode 2)
This one has been one of my favourites for quite a while. I think I just love that it's all in one room, it only has the main six (apart from the one guy right at the end) and the storyline is just so simple. Ross has to go to some presentation to do with work, and dinosaurs, and nobody is ready. The classic quote from this episode has to be "Hey I'm Chandler... Could I BE wearing anymore clothes??" - even now Joeys lunges make me laugh. Also you get to see my number one girl crush Jennifer Aniston in many different outfits as she struggles to find the right one to wear (a problem I'm sure many of us are familiar with!). Monica also has trouble with Richards voice messaging service, and ends up leaving rather an embarrassing message for everyone to hear!

-  The One Where Emma Cries (Season 9, Episode 2) 
Oh just this episode. When Chandler falls asleep in the meeting he accidentally agrees to move to Tulsa to work. This is exactly something that would happen to me! Emma won't stop crying and it's driving the gals insaaaaane. The bit that makes it a winner for me though, is the coffee shop scene. Ross is mad at Joey because of the whole him accidentally proposing to Rachel fiasco. Joey doesn't understand what it means when people do this - " - with their hands which leads to some fabulous comedy. And ends in a visit to the hospital! I don't want to spoil any of these for people who haven't seen it (WHERE have you been???) so I won't ruin it - but it makes me cry every time.

- The One With the Truth About London (Season 7, Episode 16)
The main plot with this episode is that Monica and Chandler are tying the knot, and they need a minister. Joey asks to be minister, but then they find out Monica meant to hook up with Joey and things start to unravel. But the subplot to this fantastic episode is that Rachel is trying to bond with Ben, and in doing so accidentally teaches him a few practical jokes that Ross hates. It gets pretty messy and Ross gets pretty angry - which makes the ending even more amazing. There is an prank by David Schwimmer and Cole Sprouse actually pranked Jennifer Aniston into thinking David had fallen down the stairs. And the results are brilliant. You also see how good an actor Jennifer Aniston is - as she keeps the scene going.

- The One Without the Ski Trip (Season 3, Episode 17)

Now, do NOT get me wrong, I LOVE Ross and Rachel together. I just love when they're arguing a little bit more. For me, the arguing and quick comebacks they come out with just add an extra layer of hilarity to the whole episode. "I'm sorry, are you speaking to me or sleeping with someone else?" Just has so much sass that you can't help but be like 'Oh yeah she did!'. Guilt tripping Ross makes everyone feel sorry for him, and Rachel tries to lure the gang with underwear fashion shoots. You also get some of Joeys would-be clever comments - thinking that the helicopter needs words to be written backwards...

BONUS - LEAST Favourite!

The One With Phoebes Rats (Season 9, Episode 12):
Now, I never thought I'd be able to choose a least favourite episode of Friends - they're all so amazing. But I cannot watch this episode. I'm pretty sure that the last time I watched this episode I then saw a mouse ran out across my room in Uni. And since then I have been terrified of mice and rats. And this episode just makes me feel physically sick. I know you don't see the rat but still, I just cannot watch it.
(and yes, the "rats" are in that box...)

So there you are, my four favourite and one least favourite episodes of Friends!
I'm sorry it's a bit of a nothing post, I have a 24 blood pressure monitor on at the moment (gonna post about it tomorrow, once I'm free of the thing!) and can't think much!

But hope you enjoyed it, tell me below whats your favourite episode of Friends?