LETS CHAT - Life of a Television Production Graduate

Sit down, grab a cuppa, lets have a chat...

As some of you may not know, I graduated last July from the University of the Arts London with an Upper Second Class Honours in Production of Television and Live Events. I had many trials, tribulations and regrets from my time at Uni, but thats a story for another post. In this post I want to talk about what I've done SINCE Uni, and what I'm finding difficult about living the graduate life (spoiler: a lot). Hopefully it will be an interesting read even if you're not a studier of Television, but will also be an insight into how different careers progress etc.

I flew back for my Graduation from Corfu in Greece.  My first decision for my post-uni life was to take a year out to be a holiday rep. My Mum took my little brother to Lapland in 2014 and came back with many magical stories, and said how their rep was just like me - and I should apply! I think she regrets that now I've caught the travel bug hehehe. So I applied, went to a training day and actually a year ago yesterday found out I would be spending the summer in Greece. It was probably one of the best things I've ever done, from working and living in Corfu and in Finnish Lapland it was exactly the escape from London that I needed after Uni. I met so many new and amazing people, learnt so much about myself, became stronger and saw more of the world. Whilst I've now hung up the clipboard for summer, I really want to apply to go back to Lapland again next year.

Once I flew back from Corfu on 5th October (after surprising all my family) the same old questions rolled around asking.. 'So what now...?'. I still had the comfort blanket of Lapland at the end of November, but realised I needed to sort out what I was doing with the rest of my life - holiday repping is amazing but it is not a real money earner and of course isn't what I did my degree for. I landed on my feet with a friend of my Mums looking for someone to make training videos for their planting company, and thats where I still am now. It's a great little job to keep me going, I don't have to work any set hours, and their fine with me off galavanting on interviews and odd days for TV work to help me progress. I've just edited a video together on my Mac of the Harry Potter cast singing Bohemian Rhapsody... feel free to go watch it below or any of my other work!

Being a Television Graduate is not a particularly glamorous or positive lifestyle. I spend a lot of my time applying for jobs, which I will never hear back from and trying to promote myself and teach myself new skills. It's not easy and I often feel like I'm never getting anywhere... you need experience to get experience a lot of the time which is so disheartening. I just need to remember that every interview I go to, every job I apply for and every new programme I work on is a little bit more experience to help me reach that end goal... I want to work on GBBO and The Apprentice so bad hahaha. Just remember guys - if success were easy everybody would have it!

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