LUSH REVIEW - Dragons Egg!

GUYS - I have a bit of a confession to make...

I never used to like baths.
There, I said it!

When I was in Lapland I had a bit of a binge on LUSH, I think it was probably only the second time I've ever brought anything in LUSH (first time was the classic Bubblegum lip scrub) and I went a bit crazy. I will be doing reviews on the things I got once I have some empties because I brought a lot of things that are taking their time to use! But I did buy a bath bomb or two, and now I am into them... BIG TIME. I went over to Southampton the other day (we don't have a LUSH on the Island, it's a travesty!) and so it would've been rude not to pop into LUSH and get a couple of bath bombs.

I chose Intergalactic and Dragons Egg, they both had popping candy in which I thought would be really cool, and they did a demonstration of Intergalactic whilst I was there and it looked incredible!

BUT this review is all about Dragons Egg. 

On appearances it looks pretty bland (or egg like) with just a white exterior with a few bursts of colour from the inside.

As soon as I put mine in the bath it split into a white half and an orange half, and here I could see where it got it's name from, it looked exactly like a fried egg hahah. It spread around the bath creating a sort of foamy cover over the top of the bath with the white, and the orange bubbling around. It smelt AMAZING. 

 If you like refreshing scents like orange you will LOVE this bath bomb, it was perfect after a long stressful day week. The foamy bit on the top of the bath left my skin so smooth, the popping candy was so much fun and the colours where just so mesmerising. I even got my 19 year old cousin loving it and getting excited, everyone was crowded round watching it! After it had finished doing it's thaaaang, I switched the light off and had some mood lights (none of the pictures where very good in low light so...) and it was the perfect destress.

In hindsight I think this bathbomb would probably be better for the morning because of it's refreshing scent and skin smoothiness. It didn't keep me up or anything in the morning but I just think it would be the perfect waker upper!

I made words up all over the place in this post!

What is your favourite LUSH product? Let me know down below!
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  1. I really like learning about Lush products because we don't have a Lush where I live. Your bath must have smelled lovely afterwards!


    1. Hi Alina, thanks for commenting!

      Yes it smelt gorgeous and was so glittery once the water had gone haha! We don't have a Lush close to me either, so when I go I go a bit mad!

      Mel x