My WEEK (and a half) in Pictures!

Oh Jee Whizzaroonie.
This week (and a half) has been ridiiiculous. I've been off the Island on four seperate journeys, travelled on four different types of boat, been to Chichester, London, Brighton and Bristol and eaten awfully hehe. On a seperate note I've just had a very tricky couple of days which have made me realise how quickly things can change, and how much people mean to me.
Sorry, cringe alert but it's been a journey alright!

ANYWAY, I know I haven't posted this week and I am super sorry about that, I'd hoped that I would be able to keep up with my blog but alas, just didn't have the time. So to round things up

Here we go!

from the last few weeks, thought what better way than to do a week of pictures post...

1. So last week I found out I needed glasses. Now, I thought that I would because of my job I spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen, and find myself squinting more and more. However, I have a very long, thin head. I don't wear sunglasses or hats - they make me look like some sort of cartoon character. My friend Jodie works at the opticians and she had such fun making me try on all sorts of glasses that mae me look awful, even some that made me look like Rita Skeeta... we finally settled on these as making me look the least hideous.I've also got quite a lot of my hair chopped off, it was getting pretty skank to be honest as it hadn't been chopped since before Lapland so a good trim was what it needed, though it did take two attempts... (very long and non blog appropriate story...)

2. I've suddenly become very obsesssed with grapes. Like really obsessed. For the last couple of weeks at work I've been popping to the shop before I get there and getting a big bag of crisps stick things, and a punnet of grapes - it's ALL about balance. I could eat and eat and eat and eat and eat grapes, yummy in my tummy. 

3. As I mentioned I've been a bit of a travel bug this week. My Dad and I took a nice trip up to Bristol on Friday, it was a lovely long stretch of drive on the motorway. I remember when I was younger I used to love driving on the motorway at night, how all along the right side there were hundreds of white lights, and on the left there was just bunches of red lights. It's a bit of a fuzzy picture as we were going so fast but the sky was really beautiful that dusk too, you could see the moon standing out in the sky.

4. It was Mothers Day last Sunday for all of us in the UK, and I love splashing out on my Mum when I can. Whenever I was at Uni I used to travel back down to surprise my Mum with a bunch of flowers and a card (she cares too much about the cards), but unfortunately this year - second year in a row - I was unable to be here for Mothers Day :( So I left the usual card and gift ready for the day, but hid some flowers in my room for my brother to run and give to her as a surprise. It's the thought that counts!

5.  Now as I just said, I was away for Mothers day - and this is where I ended up spending it! I was up in London staying with some great friends of mine, and we ended up in Bounce in Holborn. I'm going to write a review post about Bounce straight after this one - I'll add a link in here! But it was a great way to cure a hangover, and completely ruin my dreams of becoming a professional ping pong player...

6. Ah my beautiful little Island. As a 'sorry' to my Mum for not being around last Sunday, I went for a walk to the park and along the beach with her and my brother beforehand. We went climbing on trees and swinging on the zip wire, and then went to a nice local cafe (The Olive Tree Restaurant if you're interested/local) and treated them both to a cake and drink. My Mum is coeliac so we had to go somewhere that does a great gluten free selection - I believe she had a passionfruit cake and loved it!

7. Living on an Island can have it's ups and downs, pros and cons. The boats are both a nuisance and a delight - through the struggles of Uni the Isle of Wight arising from the sea was the best view in the world. I think my favourite boat to take is the Hovercraft - most people seem to think their a thing of the future (I often got mocked for saying we had a Hovercraft, people would tell me they didn't exist yet, they really do...) . I rarely get the Hovercraft as it's a bit fiddly to get to the other side, but on this occasion it did, and on this occasion it happened to be very windy. The Hovercraft does not deal well with wind, and I do not deal well with rocky boats... How I was not sick on that boat I do not understand, we were honestly vertical at one point...

8. The Mainland was a pretty scary place when I was younger, and I guess this stuck in my brain in regards to driving. I passed my test almost 5 years ago now, and finally after all that time together I took my little car (aptly named vodKA) for a day trip on the mainland. It wasn't as scary as I thought driving on the motorways, and we went all the way to Brighton and back. This picture was taken because we were chuckling at the pubs name hehehe... see if you can spot it!

9. I have two younger brothers, and this week it was time to see some student halls that are not in London for the first time in a while and go visit the oldest one! Ended up walking about a thousand miles around Chichester, and resorting to student measures by drinking cider and black out a plastic bottle on the walk to the club (it made me realise how old I feel at the moment, and that sleeping on floors now actually hurts). Here is a FaceSwap - I am loving this at the moment! - but everyone says neither of us look any different... not the best comment that.

10. The past week has been both incredible and catastrophic food wise. What I have eaten has been incredible but health wise - catastrophic. You name a fast food, I have probably eaten it - Nandos, McDonalds, Wetherspoons, a whole Dominos pizza, a roast, and as shown above - a Five Guys! This is only my second Five Guys but ahmagad its so amazing. And a hint - try Vanilla Sprite, MMmmmMMmMMmMMm!

11. Driving the DLR. East London is my fave, the Olympic Stadium, The O2 and of course... the Docklands Light Railway. Sitting at the front of the driverless train is so much fun, I actually felt like a right tourist!

12 and 13. I ended up being at the most awesome location whilst I was in London - situated a few floors above Southbank it gave incredible views right across the Thames, and it included the Eye, the Shard, The City and Parliment. I lucked out with the location and the weather that day, couldn't have asked for it to be more beautiful. And as for that Sunset... absolutely breathtaking - the photos just don't do it justice!

So what have you been up to this week then? Let me know below! x