REVIEW | Bounce Ping Pong - Holborn!

*the sound of me playing ping pong*

So I recently had my third visit to Bounce in Holborn, and as each one has been under different circumstances I thought a bit of a review for any of you London folk might be useful.

Although called Bounce Farringdon, it's actually just off Chancery Lane station. It's situated just opposite St Pauls (if any of you are First Dates fans it's right by that restaurant!!!) and on the main road. My main advice would be to BOOK. As far in advance as possible and you can even ask for a special table if you want, the Olympic one is pictured here!

Once you get in you'll be given a paddle for each player and like a tin can of balls (heheh) to last a little while. Staff roam the floors with this cool nets on sticks to collect all the misses (in my case there was a lot) and refill your can. If you go at night like the first time I did, the whole room is UV, which makes the balls look really cool, and the music is pumpin'. Was a bad day for me to wear mostly black... There is a wide range of drinks and cocktails, I had mojitos as shown below, but there's also loads of ciders and soft drinks available. 

It's a great environment to start up a tournament between friends, practice rallies or even just have a bit of fun. Our tournament last week got far too serious and I didn't take losing very well
Bounce is great fun at any time of the week, I've gone on Saturday night, midweek and nursing our sore hangovers, and each time has been a right laugh. I believe half an hour was only £10 per table so get a few of your friends together and head over!

Have you been to bounce before?
Check out my Instagram for a video demonstrating how bad I am at ping pong! @Melberryy