Whats in my TRAVEL bag?

It's been a crazy busy week here in Melberryy world!

Whilst normally I can easily go a month without venturing off the Island (January I'm looking at you) by the time this weekend finishes I will have travelled off the Island three times, on three different types of boat, to three different places, for three different experiences. Yes, I am tired. Living in London for three years at Uni I have kind of learnt what you need to take on journeys - but often lack the organisation to remember this...

But aye (why do I say that so much, I'm from nowhere near up North) I thought, why not make a blog out of this extremely busy week! So I'm writing about my short journey travel essentials!
(I also wanted to do a whats in my bag for other times, like a series, woo)

Of course you need a bag to keep all your stuff in! I'm a big fan of this bag from Primark which I spontaneously brought the other day (I hate shopping, parting with money for clothes is painful for me) it is the perfect size for my purse and a few other bits, without allowing me to clutter up my bag with stuff I don't need!

My New Years resolution for this year was to become more organised, so I have started carrying around and filling up my 2016 diary wherever I go. I got this one for Christmas, but I know WH Smith and T K Maxx do a great selection of diaries and notepads!

I loooove a good book. I have always loved a good book. But since the old technology has come around I often get to engrossed in watch a film or rewatching the whole 6 series of Great British Bake Off (yes, that is real life). So I decided to take a step back and get some new books for me to stick my nose into, as well as re-reading some of the classics *cough* Harry Potter *cough*. I'm currently reading Ten Years in TV by Lord Sugar, anyone who is an Apprentice fan like myself you will LOVE this book, brings back some great memories! Trying to power read it over the next journey I make so I can send it to him to get it signed, eyyyy.

Portable Phone Charger
Unless you are capable of witchcraft (and you can teach me) your phone will need regular recharging. I used to use my Mac to recharge my phone whilst on the go - which wasn't the best solution as it is cumbersome and by charging my phone I decharge my Mac... Luckily I landed upon one of these portable chargers when my phone charger broke, and I needed a fix when I was shopping! When you buy them they already have good charge, and when fully charged they can get your phone from 0-100! This one was £6 from Primark, and I love this multiuse charger which was only £1.50 from there! Shown with my iPhone with the fabulous Harry Potter case, no surprise there!

Breath Spray
So, I brought this in Primark after having heard a girl say ' this was the worst 60p I ever spent, it tasted horrible'... Odd thing to persuade me to part with my hard earned cash isn't it? But there I had, a bit of an epiphany. You know when you brush your teeth at night it's hard because then you realise you can't eat anything...? No? Just me? I thought if I carried this around not only would I have minty fresh breath, maybe it'll stop me snacking cause I won't want things to taste minty. Can't say it's been that successful yet as it's only been two days, but time will tell! And it doesn't taste that bad.

So contrasting to my previous ramble, but I need something to snack on whilst I read my book. I normally go with something like Fruit Pastilles or some popcorn to keep me going, and not fall asleep and have everything nicked... not an ideal situation.

I don't know what it is at the moment but I cannot get enough water at the moment. This probably isn't a bad thing as we're always being told to drink more water, and my skin is certainly thanking me for it! My thing for the last year or so has been fruit infused water, so I did have a special bottle which had a case for the fruit. However, the student life got the better of that and it got a bit skank from lack of washing up on time, so now I just use a regular bottle and chuck some fruit in. My favourite is mint and lime, but I'm going to do a post about all my different recipes SOON!

Dry Shampoo
On one of my trips out this week it got to just before I had to leave and I realised - my hair is a bit grim. My hair is normally okay, but suddenly I woke up and looked like a fried egg. So when we landed on a Primark I got this handy sized bottle of dry shampoo, to carry around with me to avoid these situations! Anyway, dry shampoo can be very handy just to give your hair some Va Va VOOOOM.

Yes, I know I said that I have started to read books now, but what if I finish the book? What about if there are annoying school kids on my train or I start to feel car sick in the coach? These are only cheap ones from Tesco, and they're usually just for work, but they've lasted me squashing them up, standing on them and they still work better than my Beats...

I always seem to have to run for trains/coaches/tubes/boats/planes so I find it quite useful to have a little bit of spray on me for these situations. You can get lots of free samples online which are very useful as they don't take up much space!

I brought the GoPro Hero 4 Silver before I went to Lapland in November, and it was quite possibly the best thing I ever bought. It was perfect for capturing my adventures over there with Huskies and Reindeer, and is so small I could carry it around everywhere with me! To this day I rarely leave the house without it - just in case!

So, there you go, thats what I carry around when I journey around the UK - and now I'm packed ready to galavant up to London tomorrow! Be sure to add me on Snapchat on Melberryyy for loads of snaps of my adventures!
What about you? Where do you like to go and what do you take?

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  1. I love your phone case! I wish I could find a Harry Potter case for my Samsung, but apparently there aren't any for this type...
    I hope you turn this into a series. I recently did one of these posts myself after a blog buddy did it and now I'm kind of addicted to reading them!

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Ah that's so annoying! Have you checked on eBay? Thats where I find a lot of my cases :)

      I think I will, I love reading them too, should do another one in the next week! x

  2. I've recently got the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and can't wait to start using it! I might have to do a What's in my bag as well now, I'm so nosy so I love reading them haha xx hayleyvictoria.com

    1. I LOVE using my GoPro - it comes everywhere with me! Still don't fully understand what I'm doing with it though, I'm used to big fiddly cameras that one with only two buttons is even more confusing to me haha!
      You definitely should, I love giving them a read xx

  3. Cute bag! I love having a peek in peoples bags, incase I'm forgetting something from mine haha. I'm trying to take less out, but honestly that doesn't happen. It will be minimal for a day then I just keep adding to it. Woops. Maybe if I have a smaller bag I'll fill it less? ha x


    1. Thank you - Primark bargain! Yeah I'm the same I usually take a huge bag wih basically just my purse and charger in but filled up with so much other crap I don't need! Thats why I brought the smaller bag but it hasn't really worked yet haha x