100 Day Project

I was going to write about something else today, but this was too good opportunity to miss!

I wonder if you guys have heard about the 100 Day Project? It's a project by Elle Luna which is basically a way to expand ones creativity, however ya see fit.

So basically, every day you upload a picture or drawing etc of your chosen action, and tag it with the general hashtag, and your own! 

I've chosen to be a bit ~original~ and think outside the box with mine!

I'm going to take a few selfies of my adventure each day, and put them together to make a small little video GIF type thing? You know those videos that people do where they take a photo of their face everyday for the year? It's gonna be like that! But showing my day to day adventures!

I mean I take selfies all the time anyway, my camera roll is full of them hehe. And this is something that will be a little bit different!

A lot of the people that do it are really good at drawing, or lettering, or illustrating, and whilst I'm teaching myself Illustrator (very slowly - read: almost stopping) I don't think that will be very interesting, but amusing for all you pro Illustrators out there!

Also, I wanted to do something I could actually do everyday. I go away a lot and sometimes things don't happen until the last minute so it's hard for me to say I will definitely do X Y Z everyday for 100 days! This way it's flexible for me, and will maybe make me get out even more for exciting things to post!

So I'm going to choose the hashtag #100daysofdifference - as every day is different right! If you're on Instagram search for that, or just give me a follow to see the progress!

Hopefully this will be a really interesting project for all involved, it's such a great idea!

Are you joining in on the 100 day project? Leave your hashtags below!

So here we go!
(Although as I'm doing it for the day before I won't upload until tomorrow, but still, here we go!) 


  1. Feeling so motivated to do my own little 100 day project (even though I'll be starting a bit late!) Can't wait to see you're result!

    Beth aka www.thecatsouthebag.blogspot.com

    1. You definitely should start! Better late then never!

      You can see my progress and results by searching the hashtag 100daysofdifference or looking me up on Instagram :) x