Getting to Know Me: Things I Love


He. He.
Can't get that song out my head now, apologies in advance.
Anyway, I've been thinking about starting a new and enthralling series, but I haven't had any flash of inspiration yet, so thought I'd start off with something simple.

I still call myself a new blogger, it's only been 6 weeks since I started blogging, and although I feel so proud of how fast things seem to be coming along, I'm still very much learning the ropes! So I thought a little series for a few weeks about ME would be great fun!

This was just before I did 21 shots in a row, never a good idea. Also I miss my mermaid hair.

EH so I googled some Getting to Know Me tags and couldn't find anything I really liked, so thought I'd start my own theme. Todays theme will be: 10 things that make me happy!

(I bet you can see where this is going next week eh)

1. Being home. 
After moving away from home for three years, you always appreciate your home. The sound of the sea, the stinky smell of seaweed and the fresh air were just some of the things I missed being stuck in London. I also have a 7 year old brother so hugs from him were always needed as well. I knew a lot of people back when I was at Uni were always moaning about how much they wanted to get off the Island and I just wanted to go up to them and slap them round the face (sorry) because most of the time I would have given my left leg to be back at home.

2. Being away from home. 
I know, I know. But also, having lived back at home for 4 months now after having your own independence it is hard work. I miss cooking what I want for myself, eating when I want, showering when I want and most of all lying in past 8am... Also travelling around in London is so much easier than it is from my little village. When in London you can pop out and have an unplanned drink, travelling drunk on the Tube is pretty much standard, but drunk driving not so much, and we have no buses here so....

3. Being on a plane.
This is probably a pretty standard one but I just love the feeling of being on a plane and the excitement of whats to come! Even coming home is exciting, because new adventures await. The longest plane ride I've ever been on was to and from Florida when I was 10, remember it having really bad turbulance and I was sick whilst watching the S Club Movie hahah. But the flight to Kittila was pretty long altogether as we had a nine hour stopover at Helsinki. 

Ha. Obvious one for anyone who knows me... I can't get enough of the stuff. Only salted though! Top tip for anyone who lives in London, Elephant & Castle shopping centre has the best salted popcorn ever, fact. It's one of those machines that looks like it's from the 80's. Thank me later. 

5. The smell of bleach
I never understood the magic of bleach until I moved into a (previously unknown) mouse infested halls. It was then that my secret cleaning goddess and bleach addict surfaced. Ya see, I'm no Tidy Tim. I am Messy Mel. But I do like to keep things clean. And bleach smells beaaaaautiful. And I also convinced myself that it would keep the mice away, but that's a seperate story.

6. Things that are on offer. 
I am really tight. Like really. Unless it's food, I hate spending money on it. Especially when it comes to clothes and make up, and stuff that I actually should invest in. So when things are on offer, I POUNCE. I have also, in the last 24 hours, become a bit of a Depop addict. I have spent more money on clothes than I probably have since January in one day, but I do think I've got some pretty good bargains! I'm also selling some bits on there so if you fancy it, check it out, username:Melberryy (SHOCKER)

7. Faceswaps
They are so much fun to do with anything with a face! Here I am Faceswapped with Jessie from Toy Story. Jack has great fun Faceswapping with him and Buzz as well!

8. Gambling
LOL. I am a bit of a gamble addict. I write this as I should be getting ready for a game of bingo. I used to have really good luck with gambling, I won on the Grand National, I won TWICE in a game of Bingo, and only last month I won my friend Eloise a lips keyring from a 2p machine (for some reason she wasn't that impressed by this and I highly doubt it's made it on to her keychain). But this all seems to have gone downhill recently. We'll see how it goes tonight!

9. Sausages.
Take that however you want. I never realised how much I loved sausages until I went for Lapland for 5 weeks. They had sausages on the menu every night. GREAT, I hear you cry! No. They were Frankfurters. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good Frankfurter. But when they're masqueraded as sausages it just makes you want sausages. And sausage and mash is such a staple, or sausage sandwich!!

10. Reading other peoples lists
I love being nosy hehehe. If you have a list on your blog, there's a pretty big chance I've read it. I always like getting to know people a bit better, and think that lists like these are perfect way to do it! So that's why I am!

I tag everyone that's read this to complete it, and I'll be back NEXT Sunday with my next instalment!
What are your favourite things?