Places to visit in Corfu

Englands a bit naff, isn't it?
I mean today is the 11th April and it chucked it down with rain (I just deep cleaned my car as well, and now it's all muddy again), looked like 6pm at midday and I swear down it is still colder than it was in the Arctic Circle.

So if you're stuck in the slump like I am, and trying to think of where to go for a holiday - LOOK NO FURTHER!

Yes, I've been a holiday rep in Corfu, and I was there for almost 6 months, so I think it's fair to say I know it pretty well?
Thought I'd write up a few of my tips for going to the beautiful Greek island!


I didn't choose Corfu, up to 3 days before my flight I thought I was going to be spending my summer in Parga, which is just across the sea from Corfu onto Mainland Greece. I'd never been to Greece before so was excited to go and see what it was about - but also quite nervous on what the summer had to hold!

Corfu is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure many areas of Greece are, but as I've only been to Corfu and Parga (for about 4 hours haha) I can't comment on any others.


Like it is bonkers beautiful.
I stayed in Sidari (Pics 1,2,3) whilst I was there, but was very lucky to have my ever faithful car Ouzo (faithful into the day before I had to give him back when he slammed in to the back of another car) to get around the Island. Anyway.  Sidari is erm, well it's beautiful but to be honest, it's not one of the best places to be if scenary is what you're after. If you want a place thats a party, but ain't as bad as Kavos then Sidari is right up your street. The sunsets and beaches are amazing thougj, and there's plenty of lovely people.

A few of my hotels were in Kassiopi,  (pics 4 & 5) which is like a little cove village with a sweet little town full of quintessential shops and AMAZING bakeries. Unfortunatley (or fortunately for my waistline) I didn't discover the bakeries until almost end of the season, but they all do fab croissaints! The middle picture - hot dogs or legs eh - was the perfect place to cure an absolute stinker of hangover and was just so beautiful to sit and listen to the sea.

Now, here it is. My most favourite place in the whole world - Paleokastritsa (pics 6,7,8 and 9). There are no words to explain how beautiful this place is. You can walk or drive up to the top of the monastery and look out over the ocean, or over the beach like in the last picture. The sea is just the most clearest blue, it's warm to swim in and there are little caves you can swim in too. You can also rent out a boat or one of those pedalo things with a slide and go round the west of the Island.


- It really isn't as bad as the Media portray about the money crisis etc. It is a lot worse for Greeks, as they can only take out a set amount (I think it's €60) so for tourists it's fine - they need your dolla remember! I was there for ages and I think the longest queue I saw for a cashpoint was two people, which happens all the time in England! You have to remember the media tends to sensationalise a story, which is only making it worse for Greece as they need the support of tourists!

- Things are safe as well! I don't really know why, but people tend to think that Greece is unsafe? I told my Dad that I wanted to do paragliding and his words were 'anywhere but Greece Mel!' - well needless to say I did it anyway hehehe. Sidari Watersports were absolutely amazing - I did the Donut, Flyfish (best thing ever) and Paragliding with them. And I'm still here! I did it on my 7 year old brothers birthday, it was exactly the distraction I needed as I couldn't celebrate with my favourite monster. 

- Rooms aren't really 5 star. You have to remember that the standard of living in Greece is a lot lower than the UK, and I have been told than most other places in Europe. Most complaints I got was that you had to hold the shower up by yourself... and that double beds are single beds pushed together - what can I say? Also apparently it isn't law to have fire alarms in Greece, I am terrified of fire so this wasn't something I was the best fan of but thats just the law there. It shouldn't put you off going though, if you're on holiday you're only really in your bedroom to sleep, right?

- Get a car. I got given a car by my company as I repped such a wide area that I needed it to do my job, but if I hadn't I think I would have gone crazy. Though the car I had was an absolute dump, full of water bottles and I actually had to keep my suitcase in there as I moved rooms at some point, but it was affectionately called Ouzo, and was a Chevrolet Matiz (sorry if you have that car...). It was so nice to get out and drive around the island, being able to go and explore whenever I wanted and not having to rely on the very slow and irregular public transport. But you must remember that Greeks are crazy drivers - they very rarely indicate, overtake all the time, honk all the time and heaven forbid you take more than half a second to go after a traffic light turns green!! And feel free to laugh at my awful parking below...

- The dogs. There are loads of strays, loads of strays that look like strays but aren't strays and just dogs everywhere. Thats actually how I got the large dent in the front of my car, a pack of stray dogs ran out in front of the car in front on a bloody mountain, and the absolute pathetic excuse for a car that Ouzo was he just didn't do anything but speed into the car in front - the day before he went back... But yes, the dogs. The dogs are soooo cute, a lot of them belong to the bars and restaurants that are around but unfortunatley there are some strays. Most of them are lovely though, I never met an angry dog (sounds so funny like that). Below is a picture of me and my main man Velos, one of the best dogs I've ever met and I miss him more than I miss the chips in Greece (that is saying something). 


Overall, Corfu/Greece is absolutely beautiful, and they have such a nice way of life out there. Also, if you are there for a bit of time like I am, bewarned, you will end up driving like a Greek. 

I'm thinking of doing more posts about things in Corfu/Living abroad/being a holiday rep, let me know if you'd like that below!

Just don't be a malaka! (Google it)