REVIEW - LIVE Cosmic Blue XXL Dye.

I did something silly guys.
Totally impulse decision, this dye was on offer at Sainsburys and I thought, why not.

Once I'd driven it back to my aunties (through hail so loud I thought it was gonna come through my tinpot little KA) I had started to have serious second thoughts, it was only £4 so it didn't matter if I didn't use it, etc etc but I was persuaded. We tried to see what it might look like, so thought that a Faceswap was a brilliant way to do this....

Obviously, this didn't go so well and appeared to turn me into a hamster... But ya'know. It had been a while since I dyed my hair, I dyed it brown again before I went to Greece so I wouldn't have anything to grow out whilst I was over there for 5 months. I used to be blondeish so I've been on most ends of the spectrum, and it's ONLY HAIR. So I decided to be "brave" and just do it.

As soon as it went on - I regretted it. As I recently got a lot lopped off, I don't have particularly long hair, it's just below shoulders. But I do have really thick hair. Everytime the hairdressers always get shocked by how MUCH hair I have. And we only just covered my whole head of hair. So if you have anything longer than shoulder length or thick hair I would really recommend you get two of any LIVE dyes. I mean, you can always use it next time if you don't need it right?

As you can tell by both my face, and my glamorous assistant were so shocked by how dark it became once on my head. When applying it was a light brown, but as soon as it hit the hair/air it darkened and looked like I'd had an ink cartridge dropped on my head. It also went ALL OVER MY FACE. We put some moisturiser across my scalp to try and not let it stain but this didn't work. We tried make up remover, nail varnish remover, toner, hairspray... and eye make up remover worked. Just. I still look a bit smurf/avatar/Violet Beauragade.
(also that was an old, not mine and holey Hollister top. I do not advise using your newest Hollister T-Shirts whilst using this, or any other hair dye...)

So this was me! Before the dye VS straight after drying my hair and sitting in some bright sunlight VS in the dark today. I am getting used to this colour, it's just a bit of a shock as it is so much darker than I was previously. If you're looking for a bright blue colour, this is not ya one. I know LIVE do a lot of brighter colours, and thats what you should go for. It does look very black, but in the light it has a lovely blue tint which is what I was kind of looking for. It's been a day now and it's still looking the same, and it does feel fantastic!

I would definitely recommend this brand, even if this colour is not for you. I have always been a bit apprehensive of using LIVE as I have known they do bright "scary" colours that I would never be brave enough to use! But the after conditioner has been great and my hair is so soft and shiny today I can't stop touching it!

If you weren't following me on Snapchat yesterday, you were really missing out with my scared Snaps haha, feel free to add me now though on Melberryyy

Have you ever dyed your hair? What brands do you use?


  1. The dark blue colour really suits you- it looks lovely :) I usually go blue-black using Avon brand dyes, but like you I usually end up with dyed skin too. The Avon dye was great because even though I forgot to moisturise first, the dye just wiped straight off. I'm about to go mystic purple using L'Oreal Feria, but I haven't been a fan of the Feria dyes since they stopped supplying the colour element in the brown bottle the dye just hasn't been as vibrant nor as long lasting.

    1. Thank you! (sorry must have missed this comment somehow!) It's been almost two months now since I had it done and the dye is still going strong, though my roots are growing through and I look like I'm trying to foundation my scalp haha.

      Hope your hair dye went well! xxx