The Sun Always Shines on TV

I’ve been so busy this week - JUST what I needed!!

I was up to something really exciting yesterday, which is why I wasn’t on Twitter very much, and I just really wanted to share it with you guys!!

As we know, I am a TV Graduate so it should be absolutely no surprise that I LOVE going to see TV Shows LIVE. I love the buzz of being on set, the excitement that gathers speed every single time, how everybody and everything just glues together to create on brilliant finished product. I wouldn’t care what I was doing, as long as I was involved in that excitement. 

Me, my Dad and my Grandad are big Pointless fans. Haven’t heard of it? Where have you been????

It’s a show on teatime everyday where basically, you have to try and guess the most obscure, or Pointless, answer. I’ve got a fair few Pointless answers in my time. My Dad and I are actually in the process (I say process, because I keep forgetting about submitting it/not knowing what to write about myself so I keep putting it off) of applying to be ON THE SHOW. EEEK! 

To try and distract my father from the impending doom of embarrassing myself on National TV, I thought it would be a great idea to apply for tickets and take them all up to Elstree to see the show in action. We also thought it would be a great idea (how wrong we were) for me to drive up there, get some more practice of driving on the mainland and then everyone else could have a beer if they wanted. 

I’m a terrible driver. I am the first and most certainly not the last to say that. But with a lot of the jobs I’m applying for at the moment wanting a confident driver on the big, old, scary mainland, the more practice I get on a motorway (we don’t have those ya see, it’s full of country lanes and potholes) the better. So I was already stressed before we’d even left. I like to challenge myself to do these things, as the more I sit and worry about them the worse I get, which isn’t helping anyone.  But when the satnav ran out of batter (my cigarette charger thing doesn’t work, standard) JUST as we actually needed it my stress levels went out the roof. This wasn’t helped by the three passengers each giving their own idea of where I should go, but NEVER MIND.


Once we’d arrived at the Elstree Studios there was already a line outside full of a coach load of people, plus, there actually was a coach load. No matter how many shows I go to, I always get excited at this point. You queue up outside and give your name to one of the studio assistants helping everybody to get in. Once you walk in you start seeing all the exciting signs on the door,s, signs for the studios for The Chase, different studios and all the green rooms and where the contestants get ready and glammed up!

As soon as I walk into these places I feel right at home. Like this is my aim to be around these places so I love to go and visit as much as I can, I also think it gives me extra knowledge and backstage know how!

You can't take pictures inside so I'll just give you guys a little rundown of what happens inside! Basically they film two shoes back to back at each filming, so we went at 4pm but there's also a round at about 12 I think! The shows backdrops always seem so different in real life - the TV misses out all the wires and the people that hang around just out of shot!

Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are really great together, the bounce off each other with their banter and I was in stitches at so many points! Of course a lot of it gets cut off to make sure the show isn't too long, but it's great to see it unfold. 

There's a picture of me outside Elstree Studios after we got out! Altogether we were there for about three hours, with a bit of a break in between. It is such a great experience I would definitely recommend it to everybody, even my Grandad thoroughly enjoyed it!

You can apply for free tickets to shows from the below websites, and they're not all in London for you Northeners!

Have a ganders!

Have you ever been to watch a TV Show? Whats your favourite one?
Let me know below! 


  1. Thanks for sharing the links to where we can get tickets to see these shows! I would absolutely love to see The Graham Norton Show. He's got such a good rapore with the guests that actually makes for some great interviews!

    Beth x

    1. No worries! Ah I've been to the Graham Norton Show so many times (I saw Zac Efron there and cried, no shame) and it is so funny! Thats done with SRO audiences so I would definitely recommend you go to that one!!

      Mel x