About Me: Things I Hate

Roll up, Roll up! It's Sunday, Funday, don't make tomorrow Monday.

So that means it's time for you lucky, lucky people to get to know me!
(youuuuu're welcome!)

Following on from last weekends, 10 Things That Make Me Happy, this week I'm going a bit doom and gloom with 5 Things That Make Me Not So Happy. I didn't wanna get too bogged down with crappy things so I cut it down to five, trying to remain cheerful eh.

I'm going to stay away from the obvious things like, being hungry and things I've mentioned before *cough* mice *cough* as then it's different and intereeesting.

1. Being too hot
I hate it. That feeling when you wanna jump in a freezer, pull of your skin and run around with no clothes on (soz). When absolutely nothing will help apart from 10000 cold mojitos. When you can't concentrate and want to sleep. Going to live in Greece for 5 months did absolutely nothing to sort this out. Customers used to moan to me about how hot they was, I would give them the most stfu face and remind them how I actually had to do stuff and couldn't just melt in a puddle by the pool. I would much rather be too cold and snuggled up with a hot water bottle. I remember I got the boat back from Greece at like 8pm in October - aka freezing time - and I sat on the open deck bit because I just NEEDED to be cold.

2. Fire
Urgh, I've always hated fire since I saw a house burn down and their Spice Girls video tape get ruined. I remember then my Dad told me two things that were probably the worst things he could have told me: Lightning can cause fire and so can electrics. And this has now stuck with me for about 15 years. I can't leave plugs in over night, I'm terrified of fire, don't like dodgy plugs etc. I remember when I was in Middle School we had to write about what we could learn from the 1600's and I just wrote 'NO ELECTRICITY' in big letters hahahaha.

3. Having big boobs. 
Sorry, not sorry. Forking out £30 per bra, not being able to run, a plain swimming costume costing £60 (unfortunately, that is no exaggeration) and just generally never being able to fit things that fit. The grass is always greener I know, but this is no fun.

4.  Climbing over things
You know those climbing frames where they go up in like an upside down 'V' and you have to sort of lift your leg over the top? Can't do it. That moment where you have to turn around when you're going down a ladder? Takes me ages. I got stuck up in the attic in our garage the other day because I couldn't force myself to go down the ladder backwards. And I went with the park with Jack the other day and got stuck at the top of something because I didn't want to turn around to go down and he was at the bottom laughing at me.

5. Foods with flavour
Lol that ones weird. But I just don't like things with a lot of flavour. I get things plain. I get a McDonalds without any of the sauce or crap in the burger. I don't like spicy things, a Korma is hot enough thanks! It was recently pointed out to me that I really only eat plain things or things that are excessively garlicy. And it's true! Name a food, and I probably don't like it, especially if it's healthy.

6. Driving
Yes, I know, it's great that I can drive, it's great that I can get around without relying on buses - oh wait, there's none here anyway. But I just can't love it. I think it's the fact that after driving comes parking, which I am no good at. I've only just driven on the mainland for the first time, and I'm doing it again on Wednesday but I wouldn't want to do it all the time. I just do not enjoy driving at all.

7. Jack Daniels
I love the alcohol. That is no secret. But I just cannot stand this stuff. Everyone has one of those drinks that they can't drink because they got too drunk on it? This is mine. And it tastes skanky anyway.

8. Nuts
Again, things that have flavour isn't it. I just don't like the texture of any kind of nuts. I don't understand how people can just sit and munch on a bag of nuts. Do they know that popcorn exists??? And why would you ruin a perfectly good cake by sticking skanky nuts in them? I just can't get it. They are scabby and they are healthy which means they are no fun.

9. Doing things that don't have to be done...
Especially if it means that I could be spending extra time in bed if I didn't have to do them. Like taking make up off, painting nails, general looking after myself stuff really. Although I am writing this whilst wearing a face mask, but I am also in bed. I just cannot muster up the courage to get up out of bed to put make up on well, or go for a run, or put masks on my hair. But I am trying this thing were I attempt to go to working not looking like I've just crawled out of bed (even though most of the time I have) and it's just such a pain in the behind.

10. Losing my Blogging Mojo. 
I'll be honest. I'm struggling these last couple of weeks. I just can't seem to be able to write things that sound sincere, interesting and like I'd want to read. You guys can probably tell and my views and followers are starting to reflect that, which makes me sad. I think maybe at the moment it's because I'm really into sorting out my Blogging Bullet Journal and I just want to sit down and make it look pretty all the time, which is hard work and I don't wanna tear myself out of it to write. I'm hoping that once it's done and has started rolling out in May that I will be a lot more organised with my blog, planning things in advanced, not writing posts last minute and having good old thinks about things that I want to write about.

Do you have any advice? Let me know below, pleeeeeease? 


  1. Haha great blog post idea! Soooo random but good as well! I may have to take this idea over to my blog!
    High five for the boob club and also being too hot!!

    Eb x


    1. Hahahah glad you enjoyed! I'm trying to make a weekly series type thing of getting to know me, whilst I think of a more engaging series to write about weekly!

      Constantly developing things!

      Haha high five back, what a nightmare!!

      Mel x

    2. Hahahah glad you enjoyed! I'm trying to make a weekly series type thing of getting to know me, whilst I think of a more engaging series to write about weekly!

      Constantly developing things!

      Haha high five back, what a nightmare!!

      Mel x