Whats in my WORK bag?

I don't like Mondays. Who does?

This one has been even harder, as I seem to have woken up under the impression it is Friday??
All day I have been thinking it's Friday and getting excited about the prospect of a lay in, but alas. I have four more days to go...

As it's a Monday and it's the first full five day week (for everyone else but me it feels like, I still worked bank holidays) I thought I'd give you guys the low down about what I take to work.

As I said in my TRAVEL bag post, I love reading what people have in their bags and being all nosy and stuff, so I started this series about what is in my bags for different occasions, it changes all the time!

Here we areeeeee

So as you will know if you read my graduation post, I'm currently working as a training video editor at a place just down the road from me - and above is everything I take to work!

Obviously, my beloved MacBook Pro has to come with me. Actually today at work I had a horrible moment - I was typing something out and suddenly it flashed blue then just went white and beeped at me until I turned it off! It was a pretty terrifying moment, but gladly all switched on fine again, and prompted me to back up everything on My Passport Hard Drive. 

My Hard Drive probably saved my degree in my final year. The amount of times I had to go and get my MacBook wiped I would have had no dissertation! I also always take a couple of SD cards to work as sometimes my hard drive doesn't work with PC's, and one is for my GoPro and it's always good to have spares! 

Food is the only thing that gets me through any day, especially at work! I am so obsessed with Mug Shots at the moment, it helps that they're only 50p at Morrisons at the moment (my car is full of them...). I only like the Chicken and Sweetcorn flavour though - I am pretty fussy - but they really warm me up inside, especially because the heating appears to have broken at work... I take Mug Shots because they're quite healthy, but then go and ruin it by taking some sort of chocolate or share bag of crisps in that I've picked up from Morrisons (along with discounted Mug Shots of course) just to go and ruin it!

If you know me at all, you know I drink a loooooot of water. Like a lot. I used to get worried that I was going to fill up my insides with water 'cause I'm just so damn thirsty all the time. I don't drink coffee unless I'm SUPER tired and have only recently got into tea so it's always been a lot of squash. I've never really liked the taste of plain water from the Island, but when I moved up to London I realised how hard the water tastes, just urgrhhhyerrjyuk. It was that Christmas that I asked for a bottle that infused water to take away the skanky London taste! And it has stuck ever since, even though I now just use a normal bottle with some fruit thrown in, the sentiment is still there! My favourite is lime, cucumber and mint - but I'm going to do a post about it soon! And if I do forget my fruit bottle I'm always prepared with my squash in a squeezy bottle - it's amazing. 

I also couldn't stay organised with my work, personal and social if I didn't have a notebook and a diary to keep up to date! I got this diary for Christmas so I don't know where it's from but it's got loads of space for each day, and even has a section for To Do's and Notes. I also love this notebook that I got from T K Maxx, they do a great selection with pretty covers and quotes on the outside! As a lover of Princess Diana (my Mum actually met her when she was a child) I loved the quote on this one for work, although maybe the white wasn't the best choice for a mucky pup like me! I also have another one for outside of work - keep an eye out for that one in a future post!

So thats my work staples for my desk, the things that keep me sane and organised whilst I'm busy tapping and clicking away at a computer!

What are your staples in your work bag?
Let me know below!


  1. I love being nosey and seeing inside other people's handbags, though if I did a post like this it would be 80% old reciepts with lots of forgotten about cereal bars at the bottom! I actually quite like the taste of London water, but the fruit water looks so tasty as well.

    Lisa Mae | farawaylisamae.com

    1. Hahaha I don't include the receipts or empty packets of Jelly Tots or that would be all there was! Where I'm from the water is really chalky (?) I think so being in the middle of London it tastes so different for me! I still use the fruit water when I'm back at home now as it is so refreshing and makes my insides feel so clean haha! x