How to Drink Enough Water

I LOVE that H2O.

I have mentioned a few times before that I luuurve to drink the water. Well, I say love. I don't, I just have to.

I have low blood pressure which means I feel sick and dizzy a lot of the time anyway, but if I don't drink my normal amount of water I can definitely feel it. I even wake up during the night to drink water... that probably isn't normal...


I've never liked the taste of water, I've always had really strong squash. But as I have quite sensitive teeth anyway, layering on all that sugar is not the best for ma teeth. It was lent, two years ago, when someone suggested to me I should maybe give up squash for lent (along with my beloved TUC biscuits, sob sob), so I did, not knowing quite how hard it would be...

Now as you'll know I'm from the beautiful Isle of Wight, which has lovely, chalky (?? is that even a thing like??) water. When I moved to London back in 2012, I could really tell the difference. To me, the water in London tastes really hard, so of course I compensated by drinking even more squash. So when it got to 2014  and I gave up squash, I guess you could say I was a squash addict haha.

This is when I discovered the beauty of fruit in water! It's amazing! It's good for you! Its scrummy! And it makes me feel like I've cleaned my insides (does any one else get that feeling?)

The best thing about fruit infused water is that you can put virtually ANY fruit in that bottle, and it'll taste great - I wouldn't try banana though, the thought of that cringes me out. 

BUUT anyway, as a Mojito LOVERRRR I'm gonna talk about my favourite water:

I really like mint. I love mojitos, chewing gum and the freshness after brushing your teeth. So it made sense for me to transport that freshness across to something I can drink all day. 

I simply cut up some cucumbers, lemon and lime and put it in a normal bottle. I used to have a proper fruit infuser bottle but it didn't survive student life too well so I just brought a normal Primark one and fill it up as normal. Also, I tend to chop up less lemon, and only a little bit more lime as these are quite strong, and too much citrus isn't great for your teeth (you can't win, right?).

Make sure you chop up your mint as well, like the actual leaves. If you just put the leaves in whole it doesn't spread the flavour as well, and won't be as fresh and awakening!

Chuck it all in your bottle, leave in the fridge overnight, and you're good to go the morning!

It really is so refreshing and I definitely recommend!

Whats your favourite fruit infused water recipe?


  1. This sounds lovely and refreshing! Glad you kicked the squash habit! :D

    1. It really is! Helps me wake up a bit easier haha!

      I still keep a bottle of squash at my desk for when I forget/wake up too late for the water but its a lot less than before!