7 Day Photography Challenge

(The cheaters version...)

So the lovely Hannah (If you are about to start a Bullet Journal, you HAVE to check out her post, the main inspiration for mine...) nominated me last week for this challenge , but to be honest it all got a bit lost in Eurovision, editing my Walk the Wight vlog and falling asleep at every opportunity ha.

 So here we are, a week later, and I'm finally getting around to it!

 Now Hannah did hers a little bit differently, and I think I'll do mine the same as her as well. Your supposed to take 7 pictures of nature every day for a week, and upload them. However, this week I have really not done much except for work, there's only so many pictures of the sea I can use and als Hannah nominated me saying she wanted to see some of my adventures! So I'm going to use a couple of pictures from the same place from throughout the last few years.

I am also going to try not to use pictures of places I've spoken about before, I have enough posts about Lapland and Greece, so I'm going to try and use pictures from other places I've been!


1. Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam a couple of years ago, and it really was beautiful. There was so many side streets and canals, we took a little pedalo boat out on the canal and had so much fun! It is definitely one of the most beautiful little cities I've been to and I would recommend it to anyone! (and go to the Anne Frank museum, so humbling)

2. Turkey

The same year as I went to Amsterdam I got to go off to Turkey (so jealous of my 2013 self) as my auntie rents out an apartment there, so we don't need to worry about accommodation. We went on boat trips and spent our days chilling out at the nearby pool, such a relaxing holiday. And I actually got a tan. And just look at the colour of that sea.

3. Tower of London

This is a bit of play on words. This is kind of a recreation of nature. I was lucky enough to go and visit the Tower of London with my grandparents when they had the poppies instalment. It was absolutely beautiful - pictures do not do it justice - and it was the perfect place to go to to remember those who fought in the war.

4. Hereford

In 2012 before I ventured off to the London Olympics, me and my family (about 15 of us...) took a trip up to Hereford. We did go for some lovely walks in the middle of nowhere, and trips along the rivers. I loved this first picture (which was actually taken by my Dad - I've already cheated in this challenge so YOLO) (why did I say YOLO) as it just felt so close to nature! And the second picture.. what can I say? Views for days!

5. Animals

Can't have a nature post without some of our fellow inhabitants! Zebras are my favourite animals, I love how every single one is different, no stripes are the same and just how beautiful they are! And this was the second, and hopefully last time I was on a horse. This little whatsit was a hungry bugger and kept running off to find food and I couldn't control him. Legit couldn't walk for days because I hurt my legs trying to hold on...

6. Scotland/Edinburgh

I took a trip to Edinburgh last year as part of my surfing club at Uni, and I fell in love with the place. I think I was expecting a bad weather-y, drab place, but it was so beautiful. And it was actually sunny! I flew up there from Southampton but got the coach back down to London and it was totally worth the long journey back down. I really want to go back again, saw a bit of Glasgow as well and really liked that - good chippies too!

7. Home Sweet Home

I physically could not do a post about nature without including my favourite place in the world, the Isle of Wight. I do have quite a lot of pictures of it on a previous post here, so I wanted to show some different pictures. It really is such a beautiful Island, and there is nothing more calming than looking out to sea. 


Thank you so much to Hannah for nominating me again (sorry it took so long!) it was actually really calming to look at pretty pictures of nature haha. I'm gonna nominate the 5 people now (cheating again) to keep the chain going, so keep it up!

I nominate:

Amyleigh @ Northern-Blog

And I nominate anyone else who's reading this and wants to give it a go! Looking forward to seeing all your photos, be sure to let me know when you do it!


  1. Yay you did it :D I love your photos!! Amsterdam is my favourite city I've been too, literally every little street is as pretty as the last. I also love that you've included a picture of a horse because they're my fav animal hehe. The Isle of Wight looks beautiful, I'd really love to go back one day as I didn't see all that much the first time I went (about 10 years ago now!).
    I also really enjoyed your version of this challenge haha. Much more fun to bend the rules :P

    Hannah xx