I Would Walk 500 Miles

I am always up for a challenge. I love it. I’m so stubborn that I would never let myself give up on a challenge unless absolutely necessary. 

So I sign up for things before I have a chance to really think about it, and then next thing you know I’ve done it!

What I wanted to talk about today isn’t a new challenge, as I've done it abut six times before, but it's one that I really try to do every year as it means a lot to me.

It's called Walk the Wight.
I expect if you're from the Isle of Wight then you've heard of it, probably done it at some point and if not you've had coworkers, friends or family stumbling about the day after like they've just discovered they have legs. 

'So WHAT is it?' - I hear you cry!
No, it's a 26.5 mile walk, across the beautiful Isle of Wight that you can either do the first half (12.5), the second half (14), the flat section (8 miles), the schools section (4 miles) or the whole damn thing. 
Which of course I do.
Because I'm an idiot. 

The best I've done it is around 10 and a half hours, which is a lotta lotta walking. 

You might be wondering right around now why I regularly put myself through this? Course you are. 

It's for an absolutely wonderful charity called Earl Mountbatten Hospice. They're very close to my heart as they've helped out a lot of my family including my wonderful mother.

It's a hospice who look after people through the last stages of their lives, care for them, and also care for their family afterwards, as well as during. The care that they give out is so incredible, it's so heartwarming and humbling to see. They also have a separate mental health unit which looks after people who suffer with ranges of mental health issues; and finds the best way to help them.

I previously did my skydive for them back in 2014, (yes, some people think I would never have done a skydive?! Dunno why...) and along with my stepdad we both raised almost £500. But I just want to raise more!

I love doing things that take me out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to improve. I'm desperate to do another skydive (who wants to donate a grand to me to push me out a plane?) and I'm so excited about doing Walk the Wight in 11 days. Gulp.

Also, this year it's going to be different for me as I'm going to be vlogging the whole thing - something I've never done before! I do have a YouTube channel which is filled with my editing work that I've done on the side, so I might be uploading this Vlog to my Melberryy account, time will tell! ANYWAY yeah I'm going to be vlogging it which will probably include me moaning a lot and really awful weather (it always seems to rain for Walk the Wight) but will hopefully be fun for both you, and I!

If you want to donate any money to Earl Mountbatten Hospice here is the link to my Just Giving page, I'd really appreciate it! I'm going to be donating too, of course, and not just putting myself through the horrible ordeal of walking over about 500000 hills, through pouring rain and not being able to walk for the next week.


Side note, does anybody have any ideas for quick, easy and cheap fancy dress that I could do this walk in and it wouldn't get in the way? I want to win a Bestival Ticket *insert smirky emoji*

Let me know!