Island Life

People always seem to think it's so incredible and weird that I live on an Island.

I remember my first Uni interview and I said where I came from, a fellow interviewee said:
'you got on a boat by yourself? a boat? by yourself?'
Urgh, yes. I was more impressed that I got a train round London by myself to be honest.

I live on the Isle of Wight (no it's not the Isle of Man). I have done since birth (excluding Uni ofc). It's where I will always call home.

So I thought that writing a post about some of my favourite things about living on the Isle of Wight would be a great way to break out of my Blogging Slump.

Tim Peake took this picture of the South Coast ft the Isle of Wight last week, from outer space oooooh. I love seeing pictures of the Isle of Wight from above, it reminds me of how we are our own little community, nicely separated from the riff raff of the Mainland (j for j, you guys are okaaaay). I'm actually due a flying lesson over the Island which I got for my 21st birthday 2 years ago, so hard to book it up with this English Weather.
 Anyway, that's the Island. It's about one mile off of Portsmouth/Southampton, right down the bottom of the United Kingdom. It gets confusing here because apparently we're part of the UK but not the British Isles... no idea.

- The views
Aye, there's no better way to say it, the Isle of Wight is stunning. As I'm sure any island is. I often forget how lucky I am to live on a place like this. Seas, cliffs, hills... all just around the corner. It's so different to the moggy, grey skies of Landan Tawn.

This a view off of 'The Downs'. It's one of the big hills on the Island looking out to Sandown. I love this view. Honestly, I could sit in my little tin pot car and watch this view for ages. You can see the train chug it's way across the bottom (we only have about 6 stations on the Island, one line and it is the most raggety thing ever), the boats float across the sea ahead, and the sun set to the left. I often forget how beautiful this is, until I end up sat in vodKA with a friend eating a McDonalds. It is so picturesque and my shaky panorama does it no justice.

- You are always by the sea
The sea is my home. I love the sounds of the waves chasing you, and I just feel safe when I'm near the sea. When I first moved to London I never really thought about the fact that I was nowhere near the sea until I got there. I suddenly went; 'where's the sea?!'. And got so freaked out by the fact it was literally nowhere near me. 

Here's a picture of me running away from the sea/my problems. I used to always play the game where you walked as close to the sea as possible without getting wet with my Grandma. I love the smell of the sea. The feel of the sea. The sound of the sea. I love swimming in the sea, kayaking in the sea, diving in the sea. The feel of the sand between your toes and the only place I could think of wanting to cool off from the horrible hot weather.

- You know 99% of the people here
OK, so thats a bit of an exaggeration. And it could also be a negative. But for example, the job I'm at now, I got because one of my brothers friends Dads was looking for someone who could edit videos, and they knew I'd just finished Uni. It's great if you need to network. It's not great if you want to go on Tinder, you have about 40 mutual friends with everybody. But it can be real useful and interesting.

- The boat
Again, pros and cons. People are campaigning for a fixed link at the moment, but I am totally against it. I love sitting on the top deck of the boat (hence why I look so blowy in the above pic) and watching the Island rise up out of the Solent. YES it is the most expensive mile of water in the UK probably,  which is a pain, but it is so beautiful. How many other people say they have to get a boat regularly? It is cool. Although the fact that I suffer from seasickness when I live on an Island is not ideal. 

- The hilarious comments
Yes, you do get some, I have had some proper hilarious comments (Alice, I doubt you're reading this but yes, yours is still the worst). Thought I'd share a few with y'all!

- 'Is the Isle of Wight held down by anchors?'
- 'Oh, you live on the Isle of Wight? I thought thats where people just go to get old? You don't have any schools there do you?'
- 'Do I need my passport to get there?'
- 'Well you're not from England though are you?'
- 'I went to the Isle of Wight on a school trip once... we went to Cowes/The Needles'
- 'Do you have a different timezone?' (I once convinced someone we did as well)
- 'Do you know ....?'
- 'Isn't there only about 500 people there?' (No, there's about 140,000)

FYI, the answer to all of those is No. Except I am from England. 

Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight? Do you get funny questions about where you live?


  1. Wow, your post has made me want to live there now. I've never been to Isle of Wight but it looks like such a beautiful place to live. Adding it to my bucket list. Never been asked any questions about where i live, it's just plain old England! This questions are funny tho, got me thinking there for a minute. I really thought you needed a passport too! lol (Gonna have to keep that to myself)

    Sana | Lemon Milk Days

    1. Everybody thinks you need a passport haha so I wouldn't worry about it! I didn't know until a couple of years ago that we're not actually part of Great Britain... it all does get a bit confusing haha!

      Thanks for the comment, you should definitely visit! :) xxx