Goals for May 2016

Pinch, punch, first of the... OH. WAIT. I'm a bit late.
(also a poet but what can ya do?)

Following on from last weeks April Goals post, I'm happy to say that for the majority I did keep up with my goals, YAY. 
Although unfortunately I haven't planned any new adventure, the big hole in my bank account is keeping me grounded for the moment. 

So I thought it'd be a great idea to keep this up monthly, to see where I was at in the future, and where I'm heading.


- Reach 5,000 blog views!
WOAH. This is a huge number! My April Goal was for 2,500 views which I have smashed, as I'm almost up to 3,000! So I thought I'd make my goal a huge one, which will hopefully motivate me to create more engaging content for all you lovely people that read my wee space on t'internet. As always I love getting comments and feedback, love chatting to new people eh!

- Do my first VLOG
Eeeeek. I'm writing a post tomorrow about my challenge of walking 28 miles on the 15th May, why I'm doing it and how I'm doing it etc. I thought this would be a great thing to vlog... I have always been intrigued to start a vlog, but a bit scared about it to be honest! But I was scared of starting to this blog, and in doing so have started speaking to so many different people because of it! I would of course share my Vlog on my Blog (in the fog, without a dog...) (sadly). Also it would give me an opportunity to practice my editing skills woo.

- Beat my Walk the Wight time
So yeah the 28 miles is called Walk the Wight, as I'm sure many Islanders will know. I normally do it every year, but last year was the first year in about 6 years I hadn't - third year problems. My best time is about 10 and a half hours, and I'd love to smash that time this year... even though I've done absolutely no practice... and two days ago I walked about 1 and a half miles and I still ache today. Not looking so bright. I'm also hoping to raise a bit of money for Earl Mountbatten Hospice, which I will write about, but you can see my progress here.

- First month of Bullet Journalling!
Yes! I caved! I'm going to be writing a post about how I use my blog-based Bullet Journal soon, but I did take a lot of inspiration from the lovely Hannahs post here! ANYWAY, I want to be able to full utilise my BuJo (as the kids these days call 'em) for this month, and hopefully it will allow me to organise my blog, and not just write posts willy nilly! I want to have posts saved up for those days when I'm not well/not motivated to write, and be able to use social media a lot better to promote myself!

- Actually write the post about Uni
This is something I have been putting off since I wrote my post about being a TV Graduate, and I read Erins post about a similar subject, which totally inspired me to write mine. I wanted to write a post about whether I thought I should have gone to Uni, and pros and cons etc as I'm hoping to advise people in a similar situation to myself! So this month I am actually going to post it. If I don't, someone can come and make me eat sweet popcorn - what a punishment. 

- Spend less money on food:
We all do it (I hope). There is perfectly good food at home but it is not as yummy - and unhealthy - as the food in the shop. I'm adding this to my habit tracker for this month in my BuJo (I am so down with the kids) so I can try and save money I always spend on uneccessary junk. Hopefully this will stop me being such a pig too.

So there we have it, my goals for May! I can't believe we're at the 5th month of the year already! And I also can't believe it's been 5 months since I got back from Lapland.... wat. Get me on a plane plz.

What are your goals for May? Let me know down below!


  1. haha this made me chuckle! Great goals for the month! Good luck on reaching 5000 views and GOOD LUCK with your vlog!!! - that's so exciting! :) xx


  2. i hope everything goes well for you dear! :)

    xoxo, rae

  3. I love chatting to new people too! :) I've just found your blog today so hopefully helped you reach your 5000 goal! ;)
    Katie | Words By Katie