May 2016: Little Known Box Review

Exciting stuff!

I've been pondering about the idea of ordering one of these beauty boxes for a while now, I just couldn't decide which one! There's so many out there, and trying to choose which one sent my brain into a giant fuzzball. So when I saw that there was this brand new box coming out, I thought it was the perfect opportunity!

Little Known Box is a brand new box which focuses on up and coming brands and making sure to spread the word and make them more well known! I chose this as I find it hard to choose between the different 'popular' boxes as they all use well known products which are already successful - I thought this was nice and different! It arrived very quickly, only three days after dispatching and it arrived in a lovely nice box (I unwrapped it as I was so excited and couldn't get it back as neat as before, oops). It also came with a little welcome 'newsletter' and a list of what was included in the box, and how to use it!

Medusa Makeup: Lip Gloss, in Space Invader. Available here.
I have to be honest. When I saw this I was a bit disappointed. I've been looking for lipsticks for a while now, I recently dyed my hair blue (because I'm an idiot) and I've found it hard to find lipstick colours that don't make me look even worse. I've been looking round for some paler lipsticks but I hate shopping so got bored haha. So when this arrived I was a bit miffed that it was another bright colour. But once it's on your lips, it really isn't that bright. I even got a compliment off my mother! As you can see in the swatch it's really not that bright, it is more of a lip stain than a gloss, and it seems to last forever! It's not sticky either so no hair getting stuck to your mouth on a rainy day. Definitely recommend, will be looking into getting some of their other colours (when I get round to it...)

Flint + Flint: Moisturiser 3x. Available here.
Yayyyy! I needed something like this, I do use No 7 Dry Skin Remedy, as I talk about in my Morning Routine post. I use this in the evenings as it lets it repair my skin overnight, and it is working wonders. But I am looking for a moisturiser and primer to go underneath my make up and make it last longer and look more fabulous. So this is a great start! It says that it helps your skin radiate happiness and enhances the skins natural defences. All sounds good to me! It smells, like moisturiser, I can't explain it in any other way - sorry! It doesn't have a particularly strong smell, so that's all good and it definitely doesn't smell bad. A little certainly goes a long way too, so this full size bottle (helpfully shown in comparison to a teaspoon) should last quite a long time!

Thumbs Up: Nail Wraps in Goldstone: Available here.
I hate painting my nails. I hate it. How long it takes to dry. How quickly they chip. How much it smells. How you have to sit down with your hands high in the air to help them dry quicker. I've always considered Nail Wraps, but I'm not very delicate on my hands, so woul
d probably make a fools job of it. But hey, here is the perfect chance for me to try. I don't think these would be the usual style that I would choose, they're probably a bit bright for my usual taste. I'm going to let me nails grow and strengthen a bit first and then give them a go. But I am looking forward to it! There is 20 nail wraps in each packet, so it gives you the chance to use it twice!

Dirtea: Exfoliating Scrub: Available here.
I suffer with really dry and sensitive skin. One of many wonderful things I've got off my mum. I often have phases where it feels like someone has tightened my whole skin, like it's stretched so tight, like this gif!! I know I need to exfoliate and moisturise my body, but I don't. I am awful at doing things for my body/face/skin/life when I could be spending that time in bed and it wouldn't make much difference. So hopefully this will give me the kick up m
y backside that I need! There are different Charcoal, Peppermint and Coconut which are all specialised for different skin issues. Though I hate coconut, I definitely think I've got the best one for my skin - can't wait to use it!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company: Eyelash Curlers. Available here.
(do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a eyelash curlers?!)
I have huge eyelashes. I also have a huge sleeping problem. So anything that is going to make me look more awake and not like I haven't slept in 10 weeks whilst being dragged through a hedge backwards is a winner with me! I have been considering buying a new eyelash curler so this came at the perfect time really! It's rose gold so super pretty, although it does come in silver as well. It also gives you tips on how to use it to make your lashes look extra luscious. I used them this morning and it made my eyes look so much nicer straight away! I will definitely be starting to use this every day for my make up, and try the tips that are shown on the box. It is packaged in some truly beautiful packaging, but I couldn't photography it as it was too reflective :(

So there it is! This months Little Known Box! I have suspended my box for June as my bank balance can't quite handle it this month, but I will definitely be reinstating my subscription once I can afford it! I love the meaning behind this box, that it helps to promote smaller brands and not brands which already have enough money coming into them!

Have you ever subscribed to any beauty boxes? 


  1. Ooh, one of the reasons I got rid of my beauty box subscriptions because it always felt a bit 'samey', but this seems like a really good twist on the regular boxes!
    francesca | xx

    1. That is exactly why I was putting off ordering one for so long, I really wanted something different, and discover brands that were new or less popular (and hopefully less of a drain on my bank balance than stuff like Benefit would be haha)

      It really was a great box!
      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. I used to love beauty boxes but they always seem to have similar things in all the time.. This one looks really good! May have to give it a go :)
    Kirsty x

    1. That's what I'm hoping with this one! It all seems a bit different and less popular brands which I think is so important!

      Definitely recommend - wish I could get the June one haha!
      Thanks for commenting :) xx