REVIEW: Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Yummy scrum scrum.

I found a new staple for my LUSH addiction - is this a good thing? Probably not. 

This time it's Intergalactic Bath Bomb. LUSH describes this as a 'blast off into space', and it certainly looks like that, both before and after putting it in water. 

It looks like a giant planet, with it's rings reminding me of Saturn (probably incorrectly) and it's sparkle reminding me of the nights sky. It has peppermint and grapefruit oil in, which means it smells super refreshing. And most excitingly for me, it has popping candy in. I love to eat popping candy - not recommended whilst in a bath bomb though - so having it in my bath sounds so exciting for me! This is one of the reasons I brought this bomb, as well as the fact that they did a demonstration in store and it looked amazing. 

Also - this bath bomb is HUGE. It's bigger than I could hold comfortably in my hand, which made it all even more exciting. 

Once you drop the bath bomb in the water it starts fizzing up pretty much immediately. It propels itself around the tub, leaving a worm like trail of beautiful-ness behind it. It spreads out and really does look like a space galaxy in your bath. There's hundreds of different shades of tonnes of colours, it's like a spectrum. 

The smell is incredible - it fills the entire room and lingers on your skin for a while.
It is hard to explain what it smells like, it's kind of minty, but not, citrus-y, but not. It smells like a really beautiful shampoo.

OK, that description doesn't do it justice - grab one, and smell it. OK?

It's so glittery as well!!! I love this picture - it looks like my legs are part of a movie in the deep sea haha. When I got out the bath, the bath was so glittery. 

I'm not a particularly 'girly girl' so was kind of worried that this would leave my skin looking like Edward Cullan, but it didn't. It did however leave my skin so smooth and smelling delicious, that'll be the peppermint oil, and it left me feeling like I was radiating calmness.

I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing this bath bomb when I have some money, and may even be getting more than one. I have a bubble bar at the moment as well so I might try and use the two together. 

Have you ever used Intergalactic? Whats your favourite bath bomb from LUSH?


  1. I've never actually used any Lush products, purely because there isn't a Lush shop near me, but hopefully once I get to uni there will be one so I can try out some of their bath bombs because they look amazing! (Cue student loan being spent on a bath bomb addiction) :)

    1. We don't have a LUSH where I live either, so when I go up to London or on the mainland I end up splashing out too much! Ey thats what student loans are for haha!

      Thanks for the comment xxx