50 Facts About Me

I know, I am rubbish.
I started a Sunday series but I couldn't keep up with it ahah. So I'll just do it every other week or see how it goes.

I saw this one on someone else's blog (super sorry, cannot remember whose it was... should really note these things down) and thought I'd give it a go... so here *drum roll* is

1. I only like Ready Salted Crisps - no, I don't like Doritos.

2. I hate milk. I have my cereals dry, because the thought of soggy Coco Pops makes me feel a bit sick.

3. I'll drink milkshakes though, mmmm.

4. I'm a bit addicted to The Apprentice. I seem to go through a faze each year where I watch every episode from the last 11 series (well all the ones that are on YouTube)
5. I don't like pizza, unless it's Dominos.

6. I go through phases of being a bit obsessed with different foods, it's been TUC biscuits, Pringles, Poppadoms... it gets to the stage where I have some  a packet every day for quite a while.

7. My birthday is 16th September - I've always hated when it was as it was at the beginning of school year and when I changed school I didn't have new friends to invite. And now it's always around (but never during) Bestival

8. When I stayed in Greece I had a reaction to mosquito bites and all my legs blistered up.

9. I have really big feet, like size 7/8. I look like I'm wearing flippers.

10. I really want to travel round Europe a bit.

11. I need someone to come on a day trip with me to Stockholm or Oslo - it's cheaper to get to there from London than it is for me to get home...

12. I really want to learn Dreamweaver (anyone can help?)

13. I'm really superstitious, thanks to my mother haha.

14. I have two brothers, Jack is 7 and Dannys just turned 19.

15. I am SO sarcastic

16. I really hate spending money on things I can't eat. I put off buying clothes or make up until the last possible moment. I hate spending it on coaches and trains. I should be rich but somehow I'm not.

17. I am normally always hungry. For the last few months I've been having more and more days where I have no appetite and it's so off putting.

18. I love Friends.

19. I'm really bad at Geography.

20. I did Japanese A Level (failed lol) and everyone seems to find this so interesting.

21. I will normally do anything to avoid confrontation. I do think I'm slowly getting better when it needs it though.

22. I used to think that the number 22 followed us.

23. I have seen absolutely no TV shows or films. Tweet me a film and if it hasn't got Zac Efron or Hugh Grant in it's highly unlikely that I've seen it.

24. Yes, I studied TV Production.

25. I drink about a thousand gallons of water a day.

26. I was born with a dislocated hip because I 'came out the wrong way' - soz Mum

27. Because of this I was never allowed to do splits when I was at dancing, I wanted to be a gymnast when I was younger but I wouldn't be able to do any of it.

28. I went to dancing lessons for about 13 years.

29. I HATE sleeping with plugs on.

30. I have asthma (sucks to your asthmaaaaarrrr)

31. I also have awful circulation in my hands, they're always clammy or purple.

32. Last year I punched a door in pre-deadline stress, sprained my wrist and had to go to St Georges, where they filmed us for 24 hours in A&E - it's going to be on TV the 13th June!!

33. When I was at Primary School I got filmed to go on BBC Solent News, talking about how much I love milk. I hate milk (see fact 2)

34. I don't have a middle name, but I used to pretend it was Jay.

35. Last year I had this discussion with my aunty and she actually thought my middle name is Jay.

36. I will lose everything.

37. I have terrible luck with piercings, but always get them anyway. Got my conch pierced in February and just lost the earring so don't know how thats going to end up.

38. I'm really bad at thinking of presents for people.

39. I drive a Ford KA called vodKA and have had her for almost 5 years.

40. I always said the two bands I would have to see if they toured were Queen and ABBA. I'm seeing Queen in two weeks.

41. I've convinced Jack that when I went to Uni I actually went to Hogwarts. But I can't show him my magic because he might be a muggle.

42. I have an awful crush on Gordon Ramsay.

43. He followed me on Twitter because I '@'ed' him saying I fancy him and it was probably the best thing ever.

44. I am quite fussy with foods.

45. I have really quite long legs. I'm not that tall though, but have longer legs than my 6ft Dad. SO glad I spend so much time on coaches.

46. I am so disorganised, my bullet journal is slowly helping but a lot of tasks still get migrated. Sorry.

47. I could eat salted popcorn 24/7.

48. It is always the right time for a nap.

49. I have problems with blood pressure - a lot of the time it gets quite low.

50. I really like writing these things hehe.

So there we go! Hope you have enjoyed learning a few more things about me!

I tag YOU ALL! muhahahahahahah.
Go and write out some facts about you, and be sure to let me know so I can check it out!