55 Thoughts I Have Whilst Spinning

It was as I was halfway through my spinning session the other day, it occurred to me that I have exactly the same thoughts every time I go...

2. Oh man does it always hurt my bum so much?
3. Yes, yes it does
4. Right lets get this warm up on the way then
5. Urgh, so over this already
6. Wait, why did he say we'll start the warm up now?
7. Lets save my energy
8. LOL when do I ever have any energy to save
9. How long has it been?
10. FIVE MINUTES? Thought it should be over by now
11. Oh dear he said the words 'first climb'
12. The words nightmares are made of
13. OK so here we go, lets turn that resistance up
14. I feel like I'm wading through syrup
15. How the hell am I supposed to turn the resistance up?
16. If I closed my eyes I'd fall asleep right now
17. This is the longest three minutes of my life
18. Is it rest time?
19. Is it rest time?
21. Swig swig swig
22. Ah man that was the quickest 'rest' ever
23. I don't know why I do this to myself
24. It's not even been 20 minutes yet
25. Halfway through, halfway
26. *New burst of energy*
27. Oooooh I love this song
28. Lets stick to the beat and mouth the words along
29. Is everyone watching me mouth the words?
30. Oh well
31. I should really get some spinning shoes - these are so uncomfortable
32. I'm so glad there's no mirror so I can't see myself mouthing the words
33. I'm so hungry
34. I could murder a McDonalds right now
35. NO MEL
36. MMmmMMmmmmMmMm
37. So jealous of everybody who's not here right now
38. The clocks in this room are definitely broken
39. How on Earth does the spinning instructor man do three of these in a row?!
40. OoooH he said last climb
41. Lets make this one extra hard
42. Phew that was hard work
44. Last climb but still loads more challenges and I'm so beat ffs
45. I'm always too stubborn to not join in with the challenges
46. Hate my stubborn self
47. Ok WOOHOO I did it
48. Time for cooldown
49. Why is he saying he hopes we enjoyed this?
50. Has everyone else been in a different room?
51. Lets make it to 14 miles and then stretch
52. Stretches have never felt so good honestly
53. Ah that wasn't too bad, lets book for next time
54. Walking to the car like I'm floating
55. How/WHY do people cycle home after that, I can barely drive

Until next time, horrible spinning classroom!