Flint + Flint Review*

I'm on a bit of a skincare hype. I'm still going!

So I was so happy when the lovely people over at Flint + Flint sent me a few goodies to have a play around with. 

Flint + Flint are a wonderful skincare brand that produce high end products, using ingredients that are found in medical dermatology products. However, compared to the actual medical products these are a lot more affordable, but are still just as amazing. *Insert sassy lady emoji*

The first item that they sent me is called SPF Hand Hero and is available here. I was actually just looking to buy a new hand cream before they sent me this one, I'd lost my Neutrogena one in Lapland and my hands were getting slowly drier and drier. Although I don't have a very 'hand-y' job, I always seem to get dry hands and it just hurts, and feels unpleasant. This stuff is great. You really don't need to put a lot on at a time, I have learnt this the hard way! It can feel a bit greasy once you first put it on, especially if you put a lot on at once! But it does sink into your skin and make your hands feel as soft as a baby's bottom. This stuff is also making my nails grow a lot better and feel stronger, which is something my nails struggle with so I'm really happy about this pleasant addition.

The second product I received is the Enzyme 3 Mask and is available here. I love a good face mask, I've tried them from Lush, Superdrug and Primark as well as many others. For me, the main issue with face masks is the whole getting them off fandango, as many are so thick that it is really difficult to get them off and my towel ends up a delicate shade of purple and I wake up in the morning with half a mask in my hair. For this reason, this mask is great. You can leave it on for an hour or so, but I tend to put it on before I go to bed, and wash it off in the morning. It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and smooth, and there is absolutely no faff with it.

The third product they sent me was the SPF Primer available here. This also came at a brilliant time as it arrived the day before I went off to party at the Isle of Wight Festival so I definitely needed the SPF. To be honest, this is the first primer I ever really used, but also purchased the Rimmel Stay & Protect primer around the same time. I think this one from Flint does make my foundation last a bit longer, and my eye make up seems to stay on. But also, I am constantly touching, rubbing, brushing my face which really doesn't help anything - I'm sure. I also wear glasses when I'm at working/looking at a computer which I don't think helps anything either. But during the summer (if we ever get one here in England, unlikely) this product will be great to wear under the lightest layer of make up to keep your skin protected from pesky sunburn.

Overall all three products are going to come in handy over the next few months, I'm sure of that! The texture of the Enzyme Mask and Hand Hero are quite similar, being quite thick, but still easy to spread. Hand Hero smells incredible. I don't quite know what it smells of, I think it's coconut and cocoa butter. I don't normally like coconut smells or tastes at all but this really is something else. Also you can see on my arm (which looks weirdly tanned against the white background, yay) that the enzyme mask in the middle is much runnier than the other two, which makes it a lot easier to spread on ya face before you go to bed.

I am so obsessed with Flint + Flints whole ethic over their products, they feel such high quality and they really are helping me want to look after my skin, which is no easy feat trust me!

I would definitely recommend these to anybody with super dry skin like mine as it, along with the moisturiser that I got in the Little Known Box, is really helping me rehydrate my skin. Let me know if you do decide to get any or want anymore advice on which products to use, or give the guys at Flint + Flint an email, they're super helpful!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

* I had these products sent to me by Flint + Flint and as I enjoy using them so much I wanted to give them a review. All of the opinions written in this post are still mine and fully honest. *


  1. Loving the sound of the face mask! I also wake up with half of it in my hair haha, having big curly/frizzy hair also that is a nightmare! Great post, I want to try these out! XX

    1. It is so good, makes my skin feel so smooth haha! Oh gosh I totally feel your pain, my hair is so thick it just gets everywhere!

      Thank you, would definitely recommend! xx