What's Gone on This Week: June 2016

I've been a bit rubbish this week, and I know it. Right now I'm suffering from bad bloggers block/life block and I thought a little old life update would be the best way to get a post out that wasn't half hearted.

To be honest the whole month of June has been a bit of a write off, for me. Don't get me wrong, I have had great days, the Festival was incredible but this whole month just seems to have been a bit meh. I know that there's nothing in particular thats gone spectacularly wrong but the little things add up don't they. Le sigh. 

I'm trying to remain positive right now, but to be perfectly honest I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment. I feel like I'm constantly going through the same old motions time and time again and not really doing anything particularly different. I went for a lovely walk through Isle of Wight countryside with my aunty and cousin yesterday and saw the most incredible rainbow. I know when feeling like this it's important to remember that you don't get rainbows without any rain.

My CBT for my phobia based anxiety has been hitting me hard this month. I obviously didn't expect it to be an instant solution but it has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. It's been very hard hitting and digging into why I feel what I do about mice, and why it may be that I started feeling these things at this specific time. It's come to a head now and the next time I see my lady I will not only be in the same room as a mouse but having to touch and hold one - which still makes me feel physically sick. I think that as it goes along it is helping me get the confidence to face my phobia, but it's also make me increasingly more aware of my anxiety and the issues that come with it, which isn't the best.

I had a great time going up to London with my family for a reason other than an interview last week! It was my uncles 53rd birthday and my Grandma had always wanted to ride the Eye but things kept getting in her way all the time. We finally managed to go up on it - and I must say the weather was pretty darn perfect. Whilst it wasn't the sunniest of days and it could get a bit chilly, this just meant the clouds were quite high which left amazing pictures like this one. We also went on a river cruise along the Thames to Greenwich, walked round the Cutty Sark and went on the Emirates Cable Cars, so a pretty adventurous day. I'm thinking about doing a review post for the Eye and maybe also the Emirates Cable Cars as they are great to do in London - and probably get overlooked. 

Couldn't really do a life update post without mentioning our old friend Brexit could I?! Whilst I'm not going to go into much detail here, I think the whole thing is incredibly interesting and I'm very, not excited, but intrigued to see how things out. I'll say I voted Remain, and obviously I'd rather it went the other way but I don't think a second referendum is the way forward. I guess we'll see how it goes but I think the one positive thing about this whole referendum is how many young people I see getting involved or voicing their opinions on social media. I know a lot of people have also ben moaning over social media about people acting like a politician, but social media is the way that young people have a voice these days so why shouldn't they use it?

I also, stupidly, stayed up the whole of referendum night as I find it so interesting to see the votes come in as it happens, which is why I needed the Magic Stars to keep me going through work the next day. 

So there's a bit of a life update, a reason why I haven't been posting that well in June, and hopefully the positivity to make July a lot better!