My Bullet Journal Setup (With a Difference)

Yes, I caved.

I am not an organised person. I usually scribble notes inside my head and forget them/realise them five minutes before I'm supposed to go; think of great ideas for blog posts which then promptly slip my mind and I never ever manage to plan ahead.

I don't sound like a great supporter of a Bullet Journal do I? But alas, the lovely Hannah's posts completely convinced me that I needed this in my life. And I did.

I already have a perfectly useful basic calendar that I still use to write down the basics like Doctors Appointments and Birthdays, and it seemed silly to start a new one for all this basic stuff. Because of that my BuJo is based mainly on my blog, and 'looking after me' rubbish - ie things about myself I want to change/fix/look after better.

So because of this I thought it would be slightly different from all the other bullet journal posts that are floating around, but I will do some links at the end to different posts that have helped inspire mine :) It's probably a bit inconsistent/messy compared to other Bullet Journals, I got some great new pens half way through my first month and I'm really not particularly artily gifted. This is gonna be a photo heavy post - so watch out!

I wanted a post at the beginning of the post to say how I could be reunited with my BuJo when if I ever lose it. I am no good at drawing (as you can tell by this picture) but I thought a quick little sketch of myself would be a cute opening. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with me if I lost it so I would be more likely to get it back, so I added a phone number and an email (conveniently blanked for the world wide web).

I added a key but to be honest I don't think I've used it since I wrote it in, in fact I don't even follow it anymore. I find it much more satisfying to do a big X through the box for a completed action than colouring it in. I still use the migrating mark though, but I just don't check this section much so it probably could have been used more wisely. I was also going to put an index opposite this but just thought it wouldn't really get used, and I'm glad I didn't. Whilst I don't look at this quote often it;'s nice to see it if I flick through as it's my favourite quote ever, good old Christopher Robin.

The next double paged spread is all about Twitter! I wanted to keep a list of all the Twitter chats, I drafted out a page of them and then got rid of ones I never attend/added ones I do. It's a bit annoying that new ones will always pop up (well not annoying, but annoying for my BuJo) but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I also added a page for all the different RT accounts there are, these are great for promoting your account and I often forget about some of them so it's great to have them all written down.

Does anybody else feel that if they write their goals down somewhere solid then they have to do them? I do! That's why I post my goals post  once a month, I don't like writing that I didn't achieve them so it spurs me on to actually do them. So I wanted to write these down in my BuJo, both personal and blog related to make sure that I will do my best to stick to them. I also need to fill in my Travel section, I want to draw flags of countries I've been to and build them up as much as poss.

This is probably my favourite page out of the whole of my Bullet Journal. If you know me at all, follow me on Twitter or are around me at any point during the day you will know I struggle with sleep. I half blame it on my phobia, but my CBT-lady said that I was still getting ample sleep as I go to bed for 8 hours, but I definitely do not sleep for that long. So I started this chart to sort of prove to people, as well as myself, that my sleep is definitely not solid. As you can see since the beginning of June I've had 5 nights when I've slept through the night, I'm like a little child! And the other side is a 'list' of quotes which I obviously need to add to... or cover it with something.

I think we all do it don't we? (I hope we all do anyway) For me, it's Friends. I watch it all the way through. I go through a new phase of re-watching old Eastenders, Apprentice or GBBO episodes and then suddenly out of nowhere I'm back on Friends again. The thing for TV with me is, I like to watch stuff I don't need to concentrate on, especially as I like to watch TV to fall asleep. So I never see any of these new shoes, I haven't seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars or Orange is the new black. In all honesty, if it's not Friends or How I Met Your Mother I probably haven't seen it. So I wanted this to change. And also you know how annoying it is when you are poor you thinking of all the things you need to buy but as soon as you get some money you can't think of them? I needed to stop this and also stop me spending all my money on food.

Ahhhhh the good old habit tracker! A staple of my BuJo! This is the completed one for May - June isn't looking so great due to the Festival. I know a lot of people don't colour their 'misses' in black, but I like the completed look of the tracker and also, it makes me feel a lot worse colouring in a black square than leaving it blank. I like having my pill on there, and this month it's been upgraded to pill and inhaler as I've been diagnosed as asthmatic, again, and keep forgetting to take it have lost it. I'm really pleased that taking off make up has become cemented in my daily routine though, I used to never ever ever ever do it, but now I just feel wrong if I don't! So yay!

My favourite thing about a Bullet Journal is it's flexibility, it allows you to add in extra pages when necessary. This is a page of things I needed to remember to take to the Festival, and would always be useful if I was in a similar situation again, fingers crossed. I've also used single spreads for a chat I hosted, and my Walk the Wight checklist. I love that the journal will work around busy and unpredictable lifestyles (such as mine) without getting all clogged up.

I know there are so many posts around about why you should judge the success of your blog on the numbers and the followings. I agree. Although I love number crunching. I love following the numbers and I love the satisfaction when the numbers take a big jump. I like the layout of these tracker pages, I was going to do some sort of graph but couldn't figure it out, I could jump to 2,000 twitter followers tomorrow or I could drop down to 2, and I couldn't figure out a way to create a graph that would allow for the possibility of large fluctuations. (If anyone has any ideas, holla at me)

I've had a couple of different weekly layouts, but this one is my favourite so far. I was going to show the other ones but I just don't have a lot to say about them, hence why I don't use them haha! I have a separate notebook for my work, and my Bullet Journal is for my blog so the dailies are never as full as they would be, I do stuff that is completely flexible and could be done any day, as long as it's done. I also like the spending log as it makes me feel a bit more guilty for spending money, and as I'm trying to spend less this month that's not a bad thing! I think I'll stick with this one for the rest of June. 

So there it is so far, my Bullet Journal! It's a bit different and a bit less of a staple of my life but I still enjoy sitting down and filling it in each evening. I think it has helped me to start new routines and feel better about my blog so it's all good in the hood. 

My inspirations for my Bullet Journal are as shown below:
(in addition to Hannah that I linked above)

Sarah at itssarahann
Kara at BohoBerry
and the Facebook Group - Bullet Journal Society

Have you got a Bullet Journal? What do you use it for?


  1. Looks great!

    I bought a new notebook with the intention of doing a bullet journal, but it's ended up being a normal journal :)

  2. Great post! Lots of brilliant ideas for a bullet journal. Love all your trackers!