Why It's SO Important To Vote

Come one, you don't live under a rock do you????
You must know that there is a referendum coming up on the 23rd June there is a referendum.

There are a couple of great posts around to help you decide which way to vote, but I'm going to talk about WHY you should vote! So many people I talk to have a couple of reasons about why they're NOT going to vote, but I'm gonna answer those as to why they're a load of boohocky.

- It's not going to make any difference, why should I bother?
- Imagine if everybody said that? Nobody would vote and then we'd all be stuck in a rut where we get no choice in how the country is run. You're probably right, your one vote won't make a difference, but the voice of the young generation is important for this vote, as it's going to effect every one of us. Even if the outcome isn't the way you voted, at least you had your say and had your voice heard! This referendum is going to be so tight by the looks of the polls, so every vote really does count.

- What's the point?
- ARGHHHH. Only the future of our country! I tell you what, if you don't vote, and then two months down the line when we are in/out of Europe and you moan saying 'Oh I wish we'd stayed in' but DIDN'T vote... I will hit you with a wet fish.

- It is your right to vote- I know so many people say this but people have died to make sure that you, yes you can vote. There are still so many people around the world who aren't allowed to vote, so you need to make sure you make the most of it! It's your way of having a say in the how the country is run. And abusing that right could end up with everybody losing it!

- I'm working/on holiday/at Glastonbury/feeding my pet elephant that day...
- Oh gimme a break. I may be wrong in this but I'm sure that employees have to let you vote, but to be real, the polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm, and it is illegal to work for that long anyway. The polling stations are located all over the places and you are allotted the one nearest to you. If you are on holiday or at Glastonbury you can vote by postal vote... but you must register by 8th June at 5pm (aka Wednesday) so get ya skates on!

- It takes too long.
- Oh shut the front door mate. It takes about five minutes. I voted in the Police Comissioner votes last month and it took me longer to park my car than it did to vote - and that's just because I'm a terrible parker. Especially if you live somewhere like me, you literally walk in, say your name and address, tick the box and walk away.

- I've lost my polling card
- YAY GOOD NEWS! You don't need it! If you go to a busy polling station then it might make things a bit quicker but it's not the end of the world. You will still be on the register list at their desk, so you don't need anything apart from to say your name and your address and you're all set to go!

- I don't know who to vote for.
- There's this brilliant new invention called the Internet. Spend an hour just researching what the benefits are for both sides of the arguments, it won't take long! Sarah and Gwennan have written great balanced posts about the different sides of the referendum, and in easy to understand language! I am such a politics dweeb but they really helped me to see the pros and cons of both sides and helped me firm my decision!

So there it is, JUST VOTE. JUST DO IT. And if you haven't registered yet (why) Today is the deadline!! Just click on this link and take 5 minutes of your time to register!!!



  1. So true! It's annoyed me today especially with people saying they don't want to vote or don't know who to go for so they'll just vote leave 🙄its crazy!

    Imogen at www.wanderedsouls.com

    1. Yeah same - but I do think both parties could have done more to make the younger generation WANT to vote, it felt like nothing was really aimed at us at all. So many people are regretting voting leave now because they didn't think it'd count which is the stupidest reason ever...

      Thank you for commenting!