REVIEW: Little Known Box - August

Despite the fact that I also got this box last month, time completely flew by in a mix of new houses, new jobs and trying to catch up on sleep. Now here we are, with Augusts edition of the Little Known Box leaving me my third 'Sorry we missed you note' in a week.

But alas, I'm actually a little bit in love with this months edition of the box, and despite the fact it hasn't even made it to my house yet, I've already used two of the products and am actually excited to do my make up tomorrow to use the remainder. This is a big deal for me as the majority of the time I'd rather sleep than look, or even attempt to feel, like a human being and not like a hedgehog.

So every months Little Known Box comes with a little leaflet to let you know who gave what, what it's good for, ingredients and a discount code for the company - which is always a lovely little extra! It also comes so nicely packed in a lovely black box, which happens to be super photogenic... feel like maybe they planned that one?

Bardou Dry Shampoo - Retailing at £12.00 
ht, so you know that feeling when you oversleep for work, and you don't have time for the commitment to wash your hair and spend 10 weeks getting it to dry? No? Just me? Well anyway, you reach out for your dry shampoo, spray it on and ... ARGHHHHHH... you've aged about 60 years to your grey hair days! You then spend longer de-agifying than it would have taken to give your hair a quick wash in the first time - a pet hate of mine. This dry shampoo from Bardou has no problems with that! I also have really thick hair so often use dry shampoo to make my hair feel a bit lighter and this really helps with that. It also has a really nice and refreshing scent which makes me feel slightly more awake at a horrible time of the morning!

Glitter Eyes Eyeshadow  - Retailing at £5.99
I have to admit that I'm not completely sure about this product. As I have said before I'm not the biggest eyeshadow wearer -I only got my first pallette a couple of months ago! So I don't know if I'm entirely ready to take the leap up to official glitter wearer yet. It would have been great if I'd been able to go over to Notting Hill Carnival this weekend, and if I am lucky enough to bag a ticket to Bestival (PR request... PLEEASE lol) but I don't know if I've got the confidence/skills to wear it out on day to day though. Who knows though, maybe having it there will make me start to use it! The product in itself though is lovely, it's a beautiful colour and it spreads around really well (I think that's called Pigmentation? Worst blogger ever) and it seemed to last forever. Everywhere. Well I'm basically Edward yeah?

PHB Ethical Beauty Eyeliner in Nearly Black - Retailing at £5
It's been a while since I've used pencil liner, since I was in my teenage years drawing on to my lashline I've been converted to liquid liner, and never really looked back. However, I am truly terrible at it. Shocking. I have been thinking about going back to pencil for a while now, so here's my chance to play around! This eyeliner is absolutely fabulous. It goes on so smoothly, it stays forever and it's a lovely shade of almost black, meaning it's not so sharp on my ghost like face. It's really good at tightlining (Probs the wrong word) the upper lid and making my eyes look nice and big. It's really good for it's price as well and the lovely PHB have got a bit of a sale going on at the moment so be sure to head over!

Fairy Pants Peach Bellini Lip Balm - Retailing at £3.99
I am SO obsessed with these last two products - saving the best till last! First off is this lip balm from Fairypants, love the name, love the product. As someone who can't use Vaseline - I have weird skin - I am always on the hunt for a new lipbalm. When I was in Lapland I swore by Carmex as it was the only one that wouldn't freeze on my lips, but I don't find it particularly moisturising. Enter, Fairypants. Not only do they taste amazing (they have a Mojito flavour which I am beyond desperate to try) they make your lips feel super soft, which lasts for absolutely ages. It has a really nice consistancy, which kind of reminds me of a softer version of butter and caster sugar, which is lovely on ya lips but the aesthetics is easily ruined by your little brother asking for some and jabbing his finger in the middle. I will definitely be repurchasing some of this lip balm once I inevitably misplace this one (has anyone ever got to the bottom of a lipbalm? Where do they go??) and there are so many scrummy flavours I'm excited to try.

Amygdala Solid Fragrance in Jasmine - Retailing at £8
Again, totally obsessed with this one too, in fact both small tins have become staples in my bag and are actually sat right next to me as we speak... well, write. Since I was a hipster teenager with more disposable income to spend on Hollister clothes I have gathered a collection of the delicious scents of Hollister, and have always wondered what it is I love about them all. Now I know - it's Jasmine! I absolutely adore the smell of this solid perfume, it hangs around for ages and is so much easier to cart around than a bottom of perfume (which I will probably smash). I love to put it on my pressure points and especially on my wrists, it really freshens me up and makes me feel slightly more human. I would like to say I'll be repurchasing this in different fragrances... but I will just be repurchasing the same one because I LOVE it.

I was really impressed with this months Little Known Box. I do feel like it really stuck to it's theme of Summer Nights really well and it makes me feel very ready for the nice, dusky arrival of Autumn for which I am so excited! Can't deal with all this hot weather on a commute - no thank you! I am looking forward to starting to get all cosy with hot chocolates and nice warm jumpers, as well as actually being able to sleep! Anyway, I digress (shocking). This months Little Known Box was really fantastic and I genuinelly think I'll be able to use all the products to their full advantage - which is great for me! I'm gutted that I'm going to have to definitely skip Septembers edition and possibly Octobers, living back in London is meaning I'm having to tighten ye old purse strings even more than possible, because, who doesn't love paying £180 month to travel on an overcrowded and severely late train?