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So since I posted my A-Z of me on my birthday I got such a lovely response about how funny I am (totally knew that anyway though, insert sassy hair flick) and how nice a read it was, so I thought I'd come back with another similar post. So here we are!

1. What is your middle name?
I don't have one and it breaks my heart every day. I kid, but I swear I've spoke before how I used to pretend I did have one, my aunty actually thought I did up until a couple of months ago. One of my brothers has a middle name but I always say they just forgot to give me one. Clearly too caught up in having such a wonderful daughter and giving her a horrible name (I hate my full name, you'll very rarely see me use it, I feel like everyone says it so horribly) 

2. What was favourite subject at school?
Hmmm this is hard, I don't actually remember much of school anymore to be honest, it seems like a lifetime ago. I think it was probably Japanese or Media Studies. Both of those probably because of the people I was with, Japanese was just pure bants and well Media is what I've ended up doing really, so go figure. 

3. What is your favourite drink?
Squash Squash Squash. I don't like London water so I'm going through obscene amounts of squash at the moment. Like in this working week (I write this on a Friday) I have drunk 3 bottles of double concentrated squash. It's not normal is it? So that's probably my favourite non-alcoholic drink and for alcohol it's gotta be a good old mojito. Get in me belly. 

4. What is your favourite song at the moment?
OK well I'm in the stages of updating my iPhone with some tunes for my commutes on, and I hate to say so publicly, but it's really mostly cheesy music. I'd say the one that I'm constantly replaying at the moment is Tell Tale Signs by Frank Turner or Second Hand Heart by Ben Haenow ft Kelly Clarkson. My favourite song of all time is Somebody to Love by Queen. Don't say I didn't warn you about the cheesiness. 

5. What would you choose as your last meal?
OMG I'm so hungry right now!! This is so tricky, maybe like a steak and chips? With mushrooms? And something really yummy like Red Velvet Cake for pudding and Microwave Salted Popcorn as like a snack... that's a meal right? 

6. What is the last thing you bought?
A train ticket down to Southampton... Aren't I an exciting person eh. 

7. Favourite book of all time?
Harry Potter books, without a doubt. My favourite one is Order of the Phoenix which is apparently an unpopular opinion? I just love how evil Umbridge gets and I feel it's the book where a lot of stuff gets sorted.

8. Favourite Colour?
Mint Green. 

9. Do you have any pets?
No, not at the moment. I used to have a hamster could Mogli (Does anybody else always wanna put a 'p' in hamster?) when I was younger and then when my stepdad moved in he brought his dog Jazz, but she died a few years ago now. I really want my Mum to get another dog but I'm not really there so I guess it's beside the point. I highly doubt my landlord is gonna let me keep a dog in a room that is barely big enough for me, but it's worth a try right? 

10. Favourite Perfume?
Probably anything from Hollister. I also really liked a fake Gucci I picked up but cannot remember what it was, or could probably never ever ever afford the real deal. I like all the Hollister ones and have a couple of the sprays and perfumes that I carry around with me most of the time. 

11. Favourite Celebration?
Hallowe'en. Well actually, I always say I love dressing up, and I do, I love getting all dressed up not as something fancy, not having to actually look decent (which is very difficult for me, understand). However, I am not organised. I will never plan a costume enough in advance to actually make it look like what it's supposed to be. I know what I'm dressing up as this Hallowe'en which for me is advance, just gotta actually get it sorted now. Which probably won't happen until I'm paid again... the week before Hallowe'en. Ah the cycle continues. 

12. What is your relationship status?
Vair vair single. 

13. What is your favourite country?
Out of the few that I've visited, probably Finland. Just the way of life over there was so much more 'me', so chillaxed and carefree I just want to explore more. It's also bonkers beautiful whether covered in snow or not.

14. Do you speak any other language?
At school I did French and Japanese, and I don't really remember much of it now to be honest. I can whack out a couple of Japanese sentences as a party trick, but if I went there I would probably be very lost. My french is OK, I'm trying to reteach myself it again and it's making me realise I actually don't know much at all. Ou est le piscine?

15. How many siblings do you have?
I have one full brother and one half brother. I always wanted a sister and when Jack (the youngest) was born I was absolutely gutted that I had another stinky brother. 

16. What is your favourite shop?
Sorry not sorry, I'm the worst girl ever. I HATE shopping. What with my disproportionate boobs, huge feet and long legs, literally nothing will fit me. I am also the tightest girl on the planet. I hate spending money on things I can't eat or drink or don't come from Wilko. If you follow me on Twitter (you should) you will have seen the state my work shoes got into before I was forced to by new ones. So because of all this I'd probably have to say my favourite shop is Primark, because it's cheap. So original, I know. 

17. Favourite restaurant?
Chain is probably Prezzo, or Bella Italia, or something Italian-y. I love the pasta. I would much prefer to go to a pub really though, I love the selection of food always has something I fancy eating, and there's good booze too of course. LOL.

18. When was the last time you cried?
I am normally such a crybaby, always crying at something or another, but I've just realised that recently I haven't really cried much at all. Last time I cried was probably something mouse related... I can't even remember! Such a weird feeling for me!

19. Favourite Blog?
Argh so many! Gonna be totally boring and refer you to my post about my #BloggerPitP gals, these girls are genuinely the bawwwwwmb and you should all go read their blogs. GO HERE!!! 

20. Favourite Film?
Urgh I always get so judged when I say this. Truth is I don't really like any heavy going films, I like to watch stuff that's going to make me happy (or not... you'll see...) and I don't need to pay too much attention to it. Truth be told when I'm watching stuff I'm normally doing something else as well, whether it's tidying my bedroom (PAH), writing a blog post (double PAH) or just looking through Instagram. Anyway, my favourite films are probably Love Actually and Titanic. Love Actually just makes me feel all warm inside and Titanic is so brilliantly made for how old it is! It's actually incredible. I'll never let go Jack! 

21. Favourite TV shows?
Again, it's the same as what I said about films, I tend to watch something lighthearted. It takes a lot for me to start a new series, I'm one of those people that always goes 'Yeah I'll watch that' but in reality, I won't. I'd say my favourite shows are Friends (obviously), How I Met Your Mother and Sex in the City. Although I really want to re-watch SATC but I have thin walls and am always overly paranoid about watching it. Hehe. 

22. PC or Mac?
Well I have a Mac and have done for the last four/five years so I guess I should really say Mac here. I mean I cannot use PC's now, it's just such hard work. But my Mac is falling apart now, it's soooooo slow (Probably not been looked after particularly well) and it's so hard to bring stuff from PC to Mac and vise versa. I guess I'm a Mac girl, but I see they have their problems. 

23. What phone do you have?
iPhone 5s, like my Mac it is falling apart,the brightness goes up and down on it's own, the back camera doesn't work and the home button is broken. Pr request a new phone yeah?

24. How tall are you?
Abour 5ft 6. I'm not that tall but I do have annoyingly long legs. It makes travelling around a right pain in the bum. 

25. Can you cook?
I looooooove to cook. It's gutting because the shifts I'm on at the moment doesn't give me any time to cook, and I miss it. I also love to bake, and there's some pretty cool stuff coming your guys way soon so KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED

So there we go! A great opportunity for you all to get to know me a little bit more, I know that's what you all base your day around, especially now I'm doing Blogtober.

Seriously though, this Blogtober is already such hard work. Send me help please.