I've Failed Blogtober... But It's OK

I failed. I admit it now. It may only be the 17th October but I have already failed at blogging every day throughout October. But I'm totally OK about it and here's why.

Firstly, it's the 17th October and I've already posted 11 (12 after this one) posts this month. That brings October second in the chart of number of posts in the 8 months I've been blogging. For only half way through that's pretty good going for me. 

Also, I'm going to be honest. When I started this on October 1st only half of me believed that I could actually do it. I'm very stubborn in that when I say I'm going to do something I normally will do it because I don't like admitting I haven't succeeded. 

I thought that maybe being on weird shifts might meant that it was easier for me to get posts out but that hasn't been the case. When I got back from a night the very last thing on my mind was to take pictures for a blog post I may or may not write. And that's been my issue throughout this little experiment - photography. I super want to up my photog game because now I've got this new layout it picks up on my photographs and if they don't look good it gets on my nerves. (I'm probably going to have to change the picture I've used for this one when I get one because it's annoying) I also didn't want to force out content, I know people (the one person that reads my blog) can tell when you're hearts not in it and I felt I was squeezing juice from a stone. MMMMM juice. 

For me, failure has never really bothered me, if I learn from it. From this, I've learnt that people like Gwennan (one of my picnic bbz) are absolute machines and I don't know how she does it. Like Gwennan if you're reading this, give me your skills. Thanks. 

Anyway for the rest of the month and for the rest of the future (Yeah, you guys are stuck with me forever) I'm still going to try and stay in this blogging flow and post more than I did in September (aka month of shame). I just don't want to keep feeling bad when I didn't post on a day, because after a stressful day at work, being locked in my house (actual real life scenario that happened today) or dealing with delayed trains sometimes it's just not what you want. And that's fine. 

Go at your own pace you lot, you're doing great.  


  1. I have no idea how Gwennan does it either! With your shifts I'm super impressed that you manage to post at all, so definitely don't be too downhearted!

  2. Just discovered your blog and am loving it so far! And it's totally fine Vlogtober didn't work out, personally I set myself blogging goals but I find that they sometimes just aren't achievable when i'm working weird shifts and feel so burnt out/tired after work. Holly x https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625