Last Quarter Goals

I didn't really set any New Years Resolutions this year apart from get a job (yay) I think I was too preoccupied with spending it in Lapland to think of any resolutions. However, I thought seeing as we're over three quarters of the way through the year (vom) I could set some end resolutions.

So here they are, resolutions that I'm trying to focus on to make the last few months of 2016 even more ace.

1. Actually bother with my appearance
It's hard, when you work so many different shift patterns to always get up early enough to make yourself look like an actual human being before work. So I really want to start getting up early enough to not make people move away from me on the train because my hairs too wet (actually happened). I did it yesterday morning and it wasn't too bad, it made me feel a lot better throughout the day though when I travel at rush hour this 'I have my life sorted' impression would quickly melt off my face.

2. Get up in good time
I mean I guess this kind of links in with the one above, but yeah I'd like to stop having to rush to get ready. Far too much in September I actually fell asleep setting my alarm and woke up as I was supposed to be leaving, ending up with me putting my make up on the train and looking like some sort of child that's been let loose with their Mums lipstick. So I want to get up in time, maybe even grab breakfast or make a new smoothie now I have my Blend Active. What normally happens is I quickly mash up some kale and frozen fruit, shove it in my blender and leave the kitchen looking like it exploded.

3. Listen to more music
The hell of my night shifts actually made something good happen. Shock. Horror. I listened to a hell of a lot more music. Now don't get me wrong, it's not new music. In fact, it's the opposite. I rediscovered my Dissertation playlist, which was full of cheesy music and great singalong tunes, including a lot of Disney and Les Mis (which I've never seen). I mean, I Just Can't Wait To Be King has been stuck in my head for about a week now. Since then, I have been constantly updating my iPhone with more tunes to listen to in my commute to get me fired up for work - and it's actually helping. Music is great isn't it?

4. Be brave
I'm a pansy. I am scared of most things. Hence the sarcastic presence that takes over from me when I'm nervous. It's a nervous reaction. I also laugh a lot when I'm nervous which is the biggest pain in my life. But anyway I'm going to try and stand up for myself, do more things that scare me and just in general stop saying 'I can't do that!'. I even saw a mouse the other day and didn't cry. I'm growing some balls me ain't I.

5. Be tidy
HA. I sit here, just gone midnight, looking around my bedroom which can only be described explicitly. I come back from work, eat, chuck myself in bed, write a blog post, sleep and the cycle repeats. But I received an email the other day saying that in the next two weeks there will be a room inspection at my flat, and they'll let us know nearer the time. I am awaiting the email that says 'we're coming tomorrow' to which I will panic and spend the night shoving my stuff in drawers and not sleeping. Why can't I just be a tidy person?

So there we are, my goals for the rest of the year! I can't believe I'm already thinking about Hallowe'en costumes and what to buy people for Christmas! Seems like only yesterday I was on my way home from Greece! Time flies when you're having fun...?