Things to do in London

One of the most wonderful things about living in a city as huuuuuuuge as London is that you will never run out of things to do. There's something new popping up pretty much every week, things that you always think 'Ah I'll do another day' or always walk past on your way to work but never go inside.

One of my fab friends Sophie has recently moved back to London to finish Uni, and together we have a cute little list of these types of things that we want to tick off before she leaves again. We had a pretty jam packed day last Sunday visiting loads of amazing places and I wanted to share it all with you guys.

(spot the Melberryy) 

Visit the most famous zebra crossing in the world (probably)
Everybody and their cat knows about the zebra crossing in this Beatles album cover but did you know you could take a walk over it? It's just a short walk from St Johns Wood station (Jubilee/silver line) and it is super busy. Like I felt so sorry for all the bus/taxi/car drivers that were trying to get on with their day to day lives whilst tourists were constantly posing for photos. I may not be a tourist but I still almost got run over about 40 times. Also just behind this photo there are walls with thousands and thousands of Beatles lyrics scrawled over them
It's all actually got me really into the Beatles again, their lyrics are timeless.

Alexandra Palace
I really really really love this place. I discovered it when I was working as a sort of freelance waitress and they kept sending me to Ally Pally as I call it. I got sent there one firework night and I stood exactly where this picture was taken and watched fireworks explode across London - it really was beautiful. Anyway, back to this day of exploring. Alexandra Palace is nearest Wood Green station, and then the W1 bus up a truly horrible hill right to this point. It's worth the journey for the view alone. Looking over the whole of London, watching trains go past at the bottom like it's a model village, it's just perfect.

But we didn't stop there - oh no! Round the back of Ally Pally there is a large boating lake, not just with the boring old swan pedalos, but dragons, beetle cars and rowing boats to have a go on. It only costs about £5.50 for a half an hour go, which means you get some great views from the lake. We went on the dragon, because I am a dragon, roar. It was a great laugh, head over to my Instagram to see more photos whilst we were on the lake, don't wanna spam y'all here. Then we got the most amazing ice creams ever. It's been almost a week and I'm still raving about them. This was only £2.50 (not bad for London prices eh) and honestly it was incredible. Although I kind of choked on the cone on the bus back and Sophie wouldn't help because it was funnier that way.

Visit the Olympics Park
This place will forever be in my heart. (crriiiiiiiinge). I spent a lotta lotta time in this amazing park when I was volunteering at London 2012 - check out my post about that HERE. Whenever I'm back in Stratford, which happens a lot as it's often part of my commute I feel that rush of excitement that I felt the first time I went there. The two weeks brought the whole of England together, and it's great to look back on these times positively. Anyway, rambling again.

It's free to enter the park and you can walk around at your own pace. You can also swim in the Aquatics Centre which is where I actually worked at the time, and it's only like £3.50 which is just like a regular pool!

My next aim of life is to both abseil and slide down the Orbit. If you book in advance you can take the lift or stairs up to the top, bask in the views and then slide down. I'm also desperate to abseil down because I think it's one of the tallest abseils in the UK (I think?) and we all know I'm a thrill seeker. Seems like the next step really!

I think it's so important to get out and explore the city we live in. I spend so much of my time moaning about London and how it makes me feel like utter rubbish. But actually, it's pretty fantastic. We had so much fun and did so much cool stuff of our list that day and we barely spent any money. So get out and explore.