Using your commute productively

Since moving to London I've been lacking majorly in two major things. Money and Time. There's not a lot I can do about the whole money situation, price of living in London and all that eh. But hey, I'm here to help you create time.

 Slight click bait there really haha whoops. I mean I'm no time traveller, but since I spend a lot of my time on delayed trains and crowded buses staring into space whilst listening to One Direction I'm sure I am qualified to speak about time wasting?

It hit me today that I am literally throwing time out of the window. Most of the time my journey into Central London is before or after work, so I'm normally tired. To be fair, most of the time I'm normally tired. But anyway, I normally try to use it to play some pumping music and psych myself up for work or cooking dinner. But this is silly. There are so many other bits and bobs I could be doing on my commute, and I wanna spread the productivity.

I often use my commutes or walks to ring some of my family. Where I live I have no signal (it's like still being on the Isle of Wight, seriously) and so I often feel out of contact with a lot of my family, especially my grandparents. I like using the time sat above ground on the DLR or train to ring up my grandparents and just make sure they're OK. I feel like they really appreciate me calling up to speak to them and I like keeping in touch with them, because, well I'm close to them and they're important. I also know who to call at specific times dependent on what time of the day it is as well. I genuinely feel like it's so important to keep in touch with family because you just don't know when something might happen, and I love to speak to Jack as well of course.

I'm going to start using my time underground to write some of these posts. Blogtober is well and truly taking it out of me and it's only Day 4. LOL. Shout out to all you absolutely crazy bloggers that do this all the time. I have three days off next week so I'd like to say I'm gonna kick off some posts but it's unlikely. Anyway, how do I always digress so much? I have my BuJo always in my work bag in case of sudden inspiration and I'm gonna start writing my posts on my good old iPhone. I just need to sort my life out in general really. Sigh.

 I always feel like my life is so rushed at the moment, I'm normally either on my way to or from work, there's always something I need to be doing and my life is as messy as my room. Something I always used to do to calm down was read. But alas, since growing up I seem to have dropped out of this habit which sucks, because it's probably when I've needed it the most. I do read quite a lot on the tube but it's something I've kind of dwindled recently (One Direction again).  I have been through the majority of the Harry Potter series since I've been back from London, but I want to try reading something new. Someone send me the Girl on The Train plz.

I'm also finally sure a commute wouldn't be a commute without me trying to catch up on my sleep somehow. Lets face it, theres not enough hours in the day and there's definitely not enough hours in the night to sleep. So a few minutes of shut eye will probably force itself into my commute somehow.

How do you use your commute? GIMME TIPS