To be quite simple, I wasn't entirely sure whether to post about this. I knew I would like to do something for Mental Health Day, but then I had a super busy day and nothing went right and it just wasn't possible for me to get a post out. But I truly believe that it's such an important day, and I know the majority of bloggers and people agree - but I still wanted to do something.

I still think the following post might come across as a bit cringe, but I really hope it helps you.

Insert picture of me trying to run from my problems. 

I decided to write this post in two little sections.

Firstly, I'd like to write something for everyone. Every. Single. One. of you. (There's probably only one LOL) 

It's important that days like this are not only aimed at people who suffer from a mental health problem, but also the people that surround these people. For if I wasn't around anybody, I know that everything would be a lot lot worse. 

When I was growing up I was always taught 'treat how you want to be treated' and I think this sums it up pretty perfectly. It's easy to get bogged down with the mentality that you've had a terrible day and nobody else day is as bad as yours. I do it too. After you've had one of those days where nothing goes right and you just want to get home in bed with a vodka hot chocolate and cry it's difficult to think about how anybody else would be feeling. 

Some people are not as outspoken about how they feel, I know I hate telling people how I feel even if it's nothing to do with my anxiety. Everybody you know is fighting a battle, and even if it may seem smaller than yours, think of perspective - yours is bound to feel bigger. I often overthink the smallest problem (like saying hi at the wrong time) and make a mountain out of a molehill in my brain about what a twonk I looked like. I'm sure I'm not alone with this.

What I'm trying to say is pretty much summed up in the below quote. If we all try to be supportive and understanding then the world will be so much more pleasant. Not even just in regards to mental health, everybody has bad days and having a nice smile or hug at the end of the day can make the world of difference. 

And now I wanted to write a little something to anybody who's reading that is suffering right now.

I want you to know that it will get better, there is a light at the end of this tunnel and I for one believe you can see it. I know it can all feel so overwhelming, like nobody understands and you feel so isolated.

Please remember to look after yourself, in whatever way that might be. Take a bath, bake a cake, watch 5000 episodes of Come Dine With Me. Remember that everybody deals with everything in different ways - I deal with things by keeping busy but if that's not how it works for you, that's fine. One solution does not fit all. Please don't compare yourself to anybody else's progress or story - everybody moves at different paces.

This is my favourite quote, it's from Winnie the Pooh and I think it's just so important to remember that you are stronger than this. Just because people may not understand what you're going through doesn't make it any less important for you. 

And please remember my email/Twitter etc is always open should anybody want to chat. 

Keep going. 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Your writing style is amazing - so talented. You've tackled an important situation really well...so, well done! xx

    Grab Your Camera x

  2. Loved this Mel. That quote about everyone fighting a battle is so true. I've had friends go through some really tough times over the last couple of years and it opened my eyes to the fact you really don't know what's going on with other people - even when things seem fine. We could all be a lot kinder to each other - and ourselves!