50 Thoughts I have during a Tube Strike

It seems like every other week brings a new Tube Strike to London. Despite me only really getting the Tube (DLR massive) for 4 stops it seems to always effect me somehow. Doesn't help that it's the Central Line I get, known by Londoners as Hell. Here's some thoughts I had as I was navigating the latest one.

*ALARM* 1. Ahhhh another lovely day ahead of me. Let's get ready at a normal pace 2. OMG Piers Morgan says there's a Tube Strike. 3. DAMN. I knew that. Take me back to a time before I remembered 4. Okay well Citymappers telling to get 6 buses and a train 5. Nah 6. I know better than Citymapper 7. I've got my big bottle of water and comfy shoes. 8. Bring it. 9. Okay well this bus is much emptier than usual 10. Maybe people will stay at home today 11. Why can't I just stay at home today? 12. Ah man coming on the DLR is just the best 13. It's busy, but I get on at the start so I get a seat 14. And I'm shneaky 15. East London is so damn cute 16. Bye bye comfy DLR... I miss you already 17. Okay so Jubilee line 18. Surely ALL these people aren't getting on? 19. Well I'm DEFINITELY getting on 20. Do they not know who I am? 21. Okay I'm on but my face is squashed into the back of a sweaty man 22. Why am I never squashed into Zac Efron? 23. Ah hopefully people will get off at this stop 24. *nobody gets off* 25. Well more people definitely can't fit in 26. Why do people ask us to move down... I literally can see no space for a toe let alone a human 27. Yes we get it, you need to get to work too 28. MIND THE DAMN DOORS 29. Phew, my stop next 30. Lemme off lemme off 31. So now I've gotta make a long change 32. Honestly how many places does it have to say stand on the right? 33. EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME 34. This is such a long change 35. Remind me to never come this route again 36. Although it is cooler than the central line 37. I pay £180 a month to essentially pretend to be a cow 38. Ha, "pretend" 39. Next Tube is shortly approaching 40. THERE ARE SEATS??? 41. Omg I'm getting the Bakerloo line all day everyday now 42. I can stretch my legs 43. Making the most of that £180 here 44. I've almost successfully navigated Strike day 45. I deserve a cake 46. Yeah I'm gonna climb these escalators just to get out of here quicker 47. And burn off that cake 48. Stop standing in front of the turnstables 49. LOL @ all them people trying to get on 50. IM FREE THERE'S AIR THERE'S SPACE