Behind the Scenes at a Bloggers Reunion

You've got it by now haven't you?
I met up for the cutest little Instagram trek with Sarah, Gwennan and Sairah and it's the only thing that's kept me motivated to write for a while so I'm gonna stretch it out.

I don't know how many of you have actually met people from the Blogosphere, but it really is a strange but wonderful thing. You know when you go out with friends and really want a picture of yourself surreptitiously walking through a field of lavender but don't want to ask them? A regular occurrence for me, and going out with bloggers means they want these things too...

I mean it doesn't even look slightly posed does it?

But things that I wouldn't have even thought about before I knew that I wanted them, things that you wouldn't have even realised make you feel kind awky because you would never ask. There was a stage when all four of us where in a canopy of trees throwing fallen flower petals around for that perfect boomerang when it struck me how weird this kinda was. All of us wanted our own little flower petal boomerang picture thing and none of us got fed up with the retakes, or the different angles. Although tbf there was a point where my inner child came out and I decided to climb a tree... I'll pretend it was for 'that perfect angle' but really I just like to climb.

And no, I didn't get stuck... much.

Of course to get the perfect picture you do need to get the perfect angle and sometimes that just means crouching or getting in a position that you'd only ever find in a game of Twister. There is a much better picture of this in action that we were proper LOLing at in our little WhatsApp group (we do sometimes talk about useful stuff) but this one is slightly more blogger-y.

This photo actually is candid, I had no idea the sneaky little Gwennan was taking it and I kinda really like it. She did like a little zoom-o of my face but I don't like that as much, cause ya know my face is in it. Lolz. 

But it's weird just how comfortable you can feel with a few gals who you've only met twice. Like I really can't explain it. And the weird thing is, I already know when I see Hannah again and I finally get to meet Nina and Effi on our weekend away (legit gonna happen, flatlays errrrywhere) its gonna just be the same. Go and check out the adorable Gwennans post on Why Online Friendships are Fab HERE before I go and get all gushy, emotional and basically rewrite her post word for word. 

It is great to be around people who have the same thought process of you, won't judge you for taking thousands of pictures, pausing to keep your Instagram and Snapchat stories updated and collecting see through leaves to get that perfect shot. 


  1. Mel the top photo omfg I die. Why are you so cute plz?

    I love this post, I love that you're blogging, I love that you featured my (actually candid) photo, I love that we met up, I love you goodbye

  2. Sorry but I've met you at least 6 or 7 times bitch

  3. This is so so cute! And I am so gutted I haven't met you guys yet.