Bullet Journal Take Two

So it's May, apparently. And here I am, writing my new year, new me Bullet Journal post.

In my defence I only started using my new BuJo in the beginning of April, and I wanted to make sure it worked yada yada. In all honesty though I've had these pictures stewing for around 2 weeks now just not gotten round to writing this up, that London life eh.

Well anyway this is gonna be a photo heavy post so maybe grab yourself a hot chocolate and a slice of cake whilst it loads.Here we go.

So I have the usual key and contents page at the beginning of my Leuchtturm 1917 (in dark purple if you're that interested/obsessed with me) but I didn't bother including the photos of them because to be honest, they're not photogenic and I don't bother using them ever. So one of the first pages that I regularly visit in my Bullet Journal is like a little scrapbook of pictures of friends and places and stuff. This was a cute idea from my friend when we had a craft day and I really love it. It's a good idea for covering up pages you messed up, though I just like to look over it when I'm feeling down. Makes it feel more personal like.

For me, my Bujo is just as much about improving my life and making tracks of what I am up to as well as planning on what goes on day to day. This is why before I get onto my calendars and the like I have a lot of different types of pages to go through and fill in.

So next up is my Movies List. As I'm sure everyone is aware I've literally watched no films. Like take one look at this list and I can almost guarantee that you will go 'YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED XYZ' at some point. And no, if it's not coloured in, I haven't watched it. So Sophie and I went through the whole of IMDB and Google's top lists of movies, ones I've always wanted to see and ones that she can't believe I haven't watched. I'm so done with not knowing who any actors are or being so cut off from the movie world that I've made it my 2017 mission to colour in all of these films. Ya know, to be cultured and stuff. 

Hey look, it's almost like the last two pages were linked together... wink wink. So as well as a list of films I want to see I also want to work my way through some popular TV shows. Cause ya know, it's almost like I work in/studied TV... as you can see I'm currently into The Big Bang Theory although it needs to be updated as I'm now on season 4. No spoilers plz.

Also if you've followed my blog for a while then you'll know I like to set goals to get myself through life and make myself feel better stumbling through life with no clue what I'm doing. I didn't really want to give myself a goal weight because I try not to focus on a weight, I recently lost weight (yay) but then put it all back on with me blaming relationship gut (yay but also nay) but apparently my actual weight only changed one pound. I very much disagree. But anyway I didn't want to give myself solid numbers to aim to because they kinda scare me, just do them to levels that make me happy. 

I then go onto a Bucket List which I really don't like as much. It's like a goals list but smaller, but it's hard to say what should be on a bucket list but not on a goals list. So I tried to focus on smaller things that are me going places, or doing smaller things like taking my Dad to Camden (already planned) that are more achievable in a short place of time. But I guess I will just add more things as we go along and see what happens. 

I also have big big problems with my sleep. I was recently in The Sun (yes, I am famous) for an over exaggerated article about my sleepwalking habits which made everyone I know lol at me even more than they usually do. I wish this was at all shocking for me, but it's like a constant in my life. But anyway, I often sleep walk, sleep text (which leads to me getting angry when the recipients don't understand wtf I'm chatting about) and do night shifts on a regular basis. So it's hard for me to have a constant routine of sleep which is necessary to improve your sleep. It's a lose lose. But I like having a colourful chart that I can fill in with how my sleep is doing, so then I can see if there's any link to the time of month, what I'm up to and it's just pretty. You can see it's greatly improved though since I made the great decision to buy king size sheets for my double duvet, honestly it's like sleeping in a marshmallow. 

My friend Sophie and I have had a cute little list of things we've wanted to do over the time that we've both been in London together. We're gradually making our way through them, and it's one of my goals to get it completed by the end of the year. The list ranges from things like 'Make the garlic and cheese bread' to a day trip to Oslo, and it is so satisfying to actually tick things off rather then just remember we've done it. Cause ticking things off = drool. 

Across the page is my lunar calendar. Now in my previous Bullet Journal last year I included a lot of decorative pages which served no purpose but to make things look pretty and that's something I wanted to stray away from this time. But this is one exception. I really like this here but it isn't really any use. I like seeing what the moon is doing at the time because often I think it can really alter peoples moods and stuff. I don't know, I just find it interesting to have on hand. 

So here we are at the stuff a BuJO is actually for... 
  As you can see my monthly overview is mainly for important dates like bank holidays, birthdays, paydays and well, haircuts. I tend to write things that are planned in advance in the overview, half because of the fact I haven't written my weeklies out that far in advance and half because it helps me keep track of things better. I like to see holidays and trips all in one go rather than spread over a couple of weeklies. Funny story here, whilst I was writing out my overviews I was taking inspiration from the lovely Gwennans Bullet Journal post but maybe got a too little into it, as I started writing Januarys overview... when we were in March. I instantly went to my blogging gals for help and ended up writing overviews for the months that have already gone and just filling them in. L O L. Oops.

I think this is one of my favourite pages in the whole book. In my previous BuJo I filled them all in different colours but I decided to take a step back into simplicity and use the same colour. I really like tracking different habits to try and make life a bit nicer. As you can see I did really well on the blogging and going to the gym in April... and the staying off alcohol. Though I've just given up alcohol for the rest of the month, welp. But yeah I really like settling down at the end of a bad day to fill in my tracker and this is something I will always have in a Bullet Journal for as long as I have one. 

Enter my weekly pages. So on the left I have a page of things I need to accomplish before the week is over, which I'll then cross off/migrate if I forget and stuff. And then on the right I have a little square for each day and divide the things to do across the week as well as my hours for work that were, plans and places I need to be. I hate it when plans change just in general but now even more as I have to cross them out and just ugh. But unfortunately that is how life goes. Then on the pink post it (I have a pack stuck in on the opening page) I write my meal plan for the week. Now I can hear your thoughts from here, 'oh mel, she sure has her life together'. No, that's misleading. The next page's meal plan is just the words 'Chicken Nuggets' written on it with loads of hearts round it.

I do have a couple of other pages but they're either more personal like weight loss that I don't really wanna share, or not pretty enough to feature. Because even I'm not perfect. Shocking I know. 

But since I started 'full time' Bullet Journal I do feel myself being a lot more motivated to get things in order again. There's something so satisfying about colouring in a little square to say you've done stuff that I just can't explain. It's also nice to jot down any plans I make because what with different shifts all the time my weeks can become pretty busy and I'm not gifted with the best memory. I also like to jot down important postcodes and how to get places when I go on trips/meet people so it's easier than googling it or citymappering it all the time, especially when on the Tube. 

I also love having squares it is SO much easier than having lines and the Leuchtturm was beyond worth the money, and it wasn't even that expensive. When I work through this one I will definitely be going for another. 

Link me to your Bullet Journal posts or inspiration as I'm always looking for more.