What REALLY gets said in a Blogger WhatsApp chat

So we all know I've got my fabulous Blogger friends. These gals are the bomb, we talk pretty much every day and I think we've probably covered every subject matter.

For something that started as a chat to organised a blogging picnic and blogging advice it really has turned into proper filth - and we've even organised our first holiday together! Between me, Gwennan, Hannah, Nina, Sarah and Effi we've sent over 35,000 messages in 11 months....

I thought (as did the gals, 'cause of course they have to back every post I write) that it would be proper hilare to make a post of out of context messages we've sent in the last month... so here we go. 

Can you guess who said what?

"She said it was her goblin face I'm howling" "No I find it really spoils the mood when you set your partner alight with a stray candle" "Did you remove your nose?" "Maybe my hands were supporting him whilst spreading the cheeks" "Are you talking about love Island cos I definitely only saw my message then "she's a bellend" and "I actually hate her" and I was quite offended" "I think Wales and Scotland are separate countries? More separate than Hong Kong?" "I have a Louise in the fridge" "I think he's got an anus mouth" "Hahaha so like willy finger extensions?" "Can we talk to you anymore? Are you too famous?" "We need 1million cups of mulled wine please arlene"

"And then be all limp like a wet fish" "My rim is very misshapen on my biggen" "Give a riiiick" "Hahahaha I'm late because I had to bloody climb over everything" "When I was younger I thought I'd just be constantly pregnant to avoid having a period"

Thia post could have gone on SO much longer.... I didn't even get to mention Sue Pringle, Melk or how these girls are pure golf. Maybe this'll become an instalment...



  1. HAHAHA aaaah memories!! I look forward to the next instalment

  2. It took me such a long time to work out what the anus mouth bit was about....