Photo Diary: Disney World

I've been meaning to this for a while, photo diary posts are always nice to do and I like to look through them.
But also, I got back from Florida two months ago on Sunday and I don't know if people would actually want to look at pics of me posing with Disney characters.

But you're getting it.

You might wanna grab a cuppa (other hot drinks are available) before you read through this as it's gonna be a v v photo heavy one... if that's not obvious by the title.

 Our first port of call was Animal Kingdom. My older brother hadn't arrived yet (late or what) and this was the one he was least fussed about missing, although we ended up going back anyway. Most of the pictures here are Pandora, which is the most incredible thing IN THE WORLD. I mean I don't even like Avatar (soz) but it was actually incredible.

We decided at about 5pm that we'd go on the new crazy Avatar Ride, think it's called Rites of Passage or something, but I'm not gonna spoil what happens, and then head back. We were all exhausted because travelling is hard innit. Anyway, the queue time was 'only' 130 minutes so we thought that wasn't too bad, went to the loo and then joined the queue. Fast forward to half past eight. I was sat on the floor of the queue, Jack was falling asleep stood up and we'd made bffl's with all the people next to us in the queue that loved our accent. We finally got to the front of the queue, after 4 hours... and our ride broke down. Literally.

Anyway they got it sorted, gave us fast passes and then at half 9 we stumbled out into a thunderstorm, which absolutely got us flabbergasted as when we went inside it was bright and sunny. Finding a car you only chose yesterday, that looks the same as every other car in a thunderstorm is not fun. Well, it kinda was funny.

 Up next was Universal, which was something I was reaaaaally looking forward too. A lot had changed since I went when I was 10 and tbh it's the one I couldn't really remember anyway.

But I loved Universal, there was something extra happy-ish about it, it was full of characters that Jack was obsessed with and I got to meet the only man who will ever understand me - Squidward.

And also, the new Harry Potter thing and I love Harry Potter sooooooo

Going to Harry Potter section was probably one of the major things I was excited about. I'm a massive Potterhead and I've been to the studios in Watford and well like ya know. Read all the books, will probably re-read the books on the train after my Tudor obsession calms down and am loving the movies being on ITV on a Sunday night.

Anyway, the Harry Potter section of Universal was so amazing. Everything was exactly as you'd imagine it, going through Hogwarts as a section of the queue was perfect and the Hogwarts Express... there are no words. It takes you to the other side of the park, where you walk out into Kings Cross and see Leicester Square station. Actually thought I'd somehow gone back to England. Imagine if it was that easy to get to Disneyworld.

Honestly, I'm still waiting on my letter from Hogwarts hoping I can get whisked there and get really fat cause I'd use 'Accio' to do everything.

I can't write about Universal and not mention Scooby Doo. Jack has been obsessed with Scooby Doo for about 3 years. He has the Mystery Machine, he has the special 'goo', they're always on the TV and he has a onesie that makes him look like Scooby. As soon as he knew we were going (two days before the flight) he was going on about meeting Scooby Doo. Our first day in Universal we ran for about 10 minutes because Scooby was out and we missed him by about 10 seconds, thought it was gonna be a proper Disney moment. But the next day, we saw them and Jack was just so mesmerized. It was absolutely incredible and I've never seen him lost for words like that.

 It rained the WHOLE day we were in Epcot, and 90% of the time we were in Hollywood studios so I don't have that many pictures of it. But who needs pictures when you got them all stored in ya noggin EH?

To be fair it rained 90% of the time we were over there, there was two days it didn't rain and three days it didn't thunderstorm... out of 15. But doesn't mean it wasn't great so who cares really.

I've always remembered Epcot and going round all the different countries and getting my card stamped and everything - and it was just like I remembered it. Also we got to go on Test Track which I think I was too short for last time (or too much of a wuss) so that was proper fun. We had three fastracks a day which came with our package so that was proper useful to have.

One of my favourite rides and the one I remember most from my first visit is Tower of Terror. It still terrifies me to my bones and I was screaming like a kid throughout. Also I was sat right at the front in the aisle so I felt so unprotected and it was even more scary.

 So we were lucky enough to be surprised (by my Mother) a trip to Discovery Cove one day - and one of the days it barely rained thank god. This was actually incredible. You go in there, get breakfast and lunch all you can eat (and my Mum is gf so she actually got a good meal for probably the first time since being in America) and you get to snorkel in the lake which Jack actually adored. In the snorkel tank place there were sharks and sting rays and really pretty fish and it was just incredible. And once you stuck your head in the water it was so peaceful it was like you were on your own. Then we went into a little bird place (cannot think of the word) where the birds could fly down and land on you, birds are heeeeeaaaaavy.

Then for the main event (which we actually did first, but wanted some kind of build up in this post gawwwwd)... DOLPHINS. I know a lot of people have issues with the whole swimming with dolphins thing, but sorry, it was great.

Our dolphin was called Epinina or something like that, Jack actually has a dolphin toy named after her, she felt like wet rubber and she was proper cute and all. That's one mighty tick off the bucket list. Also, the picture of me kissing her is probably the cutest photo I am, or will ever be in and I'm totally OK with that.

Magic Kingdom is definitely my favourite Disney park. We left it till last because, well it's just so perfect isn't it? My Mum was proper excited for that moment when you pass the corner at Main St and get your first sight of Cinders Castle and she was so right to be. GAH. I wanna move in. To be fair, it's probably cheaper than my tiny cupboard ensuite room in Zone 4 London.

Anyway. Jack was properly excited about the parade too but don't think he at all anticipated how big it was. To be fair, that was a common theme, the first day we got there he thought we'd do Animal Kingdom, then Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon then pop to Magic Kingdom to see Mickey. Lol, not quite Jackie. So when literally every character came out in the parade Jack was just sat there looking like the shocked emoji. And we were lucky enough to get to see the rainy day parade (which song is STILL stuck in my head) which had different characters which was quite nice.

When we left Magic Kingdom for the second and last time, Jack balled his eyes out. CUTE LOVE STORY ALERT. Jack decided when he was out there he was going to bring his gf (possible cutest relationship in the world btw, could write a whole post on it) back as a surprise when he's older. They're gonna work in Disney World looking after Stitch and stay in a Hilton. He also got Anna and Elsa to sign twice so he could give her a copy. But he cried so much when we left which set both me and my Mum off and we ended up just crying on the little tram thing back to the car.

Also obviously the fireworks are incredible but I took minimal pictures there because, ya know I was too busy watching the fireworks. Though I'm gonna get a post up on that soon.

ARENT I CUTE? My family thought I was proper sad for wanting pictures with all the characters, but what can I say, I'm a ball of child inside. We were lucky enough to get Memory Makers included in our tickets which are the best thing ever - the photographers around the park take your pics and then you put them on your card which everyone can access on their phones and laptops. Takes all the hassle out of taking pictures yourself. Plus it gives me the chance to be all cute and get some new Facebook profile pics lined up eh.

Goofy and Pluto were the first characters we met and it was proper funny because Goofy spun Jack around and got him facing the wrong way which Jack found hilarious. So there's a picture of Goofy and Jack inspecting the wall at the back of the photo area. It is funny, trust me.

Me and my older-ish brother had known we were going to Florida for a couple of years before we went - it was all about waiting for the right time for Jack to go. Jack didn't know until the day before we met up and it was SO difficult getting excited but not being able to say anything. But also cause it had the longest build up ever I keep forgetting that we've been and getting excited about going... but then I remember we've been. Sob.

Will probs do some more posts on the holiday and no doubt reuse the pictures to an inch of their life but hey ho! Follow me on Instagram if you wanna see some more snazzy Florida pictures (and some not so snazzy England photos)