Making a Blogger Friendship Group

You may have noticed that me and some fab bloggers went away on a little staycation a week and a bit ago... we've posted about it on every corner of the internet.


I'm going to do a post about the actual weekend at some point (probably...tbh reminiscing makes me sad) but I kinda wanted to post a wee post about how we became bffls and stuff.

I see a lot of people on Twitter saying that they wish they could have blogger friendship groups, or even passive aggressively indirecting moaning about how people who have friends from blogging.

I can't stand any of this pettiness that is often showcased on social media. If you have a problem, say it properly and not snidy. Yeah, sometimes as a group we have hilarious conversations on Twitter (there is a squirrel emoji and not a chipmunk one... just ignore Sarah), and maybe it comes up on your feed a lot. But ya know what? If you wanna, join in.

*Insert the emoji of a lass shrugging her shoulders*

I think a lot of people sit around and wait for things to happen (which tbf, I'm not denying happened to us, all thanks to Sarah), but if you really want something, do it yourself? Nobody's going to get angry at you for starting a twitter conversation or sliding into someones DM's to have a chat. Unless it's automated of course.

So how did we start?

Back in about June 2016, I was sat at my aunties house in the murky weather that only English summertime can bring, probably watching Friends and sipping a peppermint tea. I remember it well when Sarah's message popped up saying that she wanted to organise a picnic and she wanted us to help her organise it. And ya know, the rest is history.

Having friends that you've met online will probably seem weird, and a problem that only us millenials would face. But ya know what? It's been probably one of the best things to happen to me, to have people that are so unrelated to my day to day life, don't know the people that are a constant around me, to be able to unload on them. And when we were away, I've never felt so comfortable with a group of people in my life. There was no talking behind people's back (except for them organising my surprise, the rascals), no awkwardness and everything just worked.

So sorry for the rantiness and lack of direction this post has taken, but seize the day. Speak to people you think you'd get on with and see what happens. 


  1. Yaasss Mel, you've put everything I often think down much better than I could have. Friendships don't just happen randomly, you have to go out there and make an effort to talk to people, and omg it's so worth it. <3