The Perfect Environment to Chill with Strangers with Talking Tables

The title for this old post is a bit of a weird one, not going to lie.

Is there any perfect environment to hang out with strangers? I definitely wouldn't say getting picked up in car by a stranger is great. Or agreeing to spend the weekend in a barn with them in the middle of nowhere? Following another car full of strangers down the darkest little forest paths, feeling like you're about to be stabbed?

Well, all of these things happened almost 3 weeks ago now (WHAT).
And yes, I guess you could argue that it didn't happen with strangers, we've talked online pretty much every day for the last year and a half, I've met up with most of them at least once and I feel like I know them better than I know myself.

But yes, there is a perfect environment set up for spending time with people you barely know IRL, and I'm pretty sure we achieved it. Talking Tables, the bae's that have taken us under their wing, sent us loads of great bits and bobs to make the aptly named Party Barn feel like it fell out of Pinterest.

In case you didn't know, the 16th of September was my 24th birthday. I know, I don't look a day over 20. Now the gals, because they're ridiculously cheeky rascals and little shits (said with so much love I can't even explain) were beyond sneaky and organised the party barn to be decorated with lots of party gear so we could celebrate in style. And Gwennans Mum (Thanks Liz) made us a delicious cake and Gwennan decorated it with fondant versions of ourselves and it was fab. In all seriousness I haven't been this surprised in ages and it was SUCH a nice start to the weekend. I'm sure I'll write a gushy post about it at some point but this post is all about the decor.

Every inch of the barn was covered in something from TT, from the iridescent curtains to balloons all over the floor.

Talking Tables are a brand doing PR with bloggers SO right. They're so friendly, lovely and just all round babes. Even if they hadn't sent us stuff for the picnic back in August last year, I'd still be swooning over their website and hanging up their decor to brighten up my tiny, overpriced and thanks to a constant broken boiler, freezing cold London room. So the fact that they want to work with me and my tiny space of the internet is beyond amazing to me.

Of course, they were in with the whole surprising me thing, so they sent the gang enough bits and bobs that they wouldn't need my stuff, and didn't tell me a thing. The candles spelling 'Get Lit' are probably my favourite thing, I've kept them for myself in anticipation of more birthdays and celebrations. It was great being around a group of people who didn't even flinch at relighting the candles THREE times so we could get the perfect Boomerang.

Fairy lights are, let's be honest, the perfect blogging accompliment to any scenario. They even make my aformentioned dingy room look cute... sometimes. I have them everywhere. And Talking Tables sent us 4 different types, in cool, warm, pink and some incredible pastel ones. The variety of colours lighting up the room made it even more cute, especially when we made it back from our walk a full 6 seconds before the heavens opened... it felt so cosy inside.

And what party is complete without a very competetive game of Prosecco Pong? It was me and Effi vs Hannah and Sarah... and Effi and I were obviously the best team, I mean, come on. Do you even need to ask who won? It was such good fun to have a good old game of it, get through a couple of bottles of bubbly and get some brilliant boomerangs of the whole thing. Because did something even happen if you didn't boomerang it?

On the Sunday morning we had heavy hearts of leaving each other later that day, so we headed to the on sight pool (fancy) with our Talking Tables inflatables, ready to float around photogenically. There wasn't a lot of swimming in this, not gonna lie, but there was a lot of holding cameras in very precarious positions to get that 'perfect shot'. And floating round the pool on a giant inflatable pineapple sipping from a disco ball cup was a very relaxing, and bloggerific, end to the weekend.

Overall Talking Tables really added another dimension to this weekend, whilst us 5 (Nina couldn't make it unfortunately) could have had an amazing time sat in any old room, they really made it even more worth our while. I've linked up all the products I've talked about and would definitely recommend to a friend.

*We were sent these products from Talking Tables in exchange for a review but I honestly love the pants off them and all opinions are my own*