Using my Bullet Journal to track my Health

Let’s be honest, by that I mean how I use it to try and make myself resemble a beached whale slightly less. Unfortunately, no matter HOW incredible a Bullet Journal layout, it will not stop me shoving chips down my gob.

And that’s a fact.
But, alas, I can use it to track a few things, make my life a teeny tiny bit more organised and fake the idea that I’ve got a clue what I’m doing.
Here goes:

One of the main things I struggle with is impulse buying. If I don’t have anything in the fridge to cook, I’ll end up being talked into ordering a takeaway or end up eating 26 sausage rolls and calling that a dinner. I wish I was lying about that – I’ve genuinely done that before, check out my Twitter for proof.

It’s also a massive waste of money, something I do not have a lot of, so I’m trying to plan out my meals properly, buy everything I’ll need and do it all in one shop, then there’s less chance of me ‘popping in’ for a 49p broccoli and coming out with half the chocolate aisle. So in my BuJo I’ve done a little meal tracker plan. I got the inspo from Pinterest (of course) as I didn’t want to do a new meal plan page each week, so had to research a wee bit. I’ve ended up with this beauty. So each week, is a new set of post its, and each day has a lunch and dinner. That way, I know what I’ve brought, I know what I’m cooking and generally being the girl boss I am inside.

I said in my previous Bullet Journal post that habit trackers were the one thing I would always have in my BuJo as I loved them and always filled them in. I lied. Sorry, it happens to the best of us sometimes.
I haven’t had a habit tracker since about April, and whilst I do miss it, I wouldn’t use one regularly. These days my Bujo is very much an as and when thing, I use it all the time, but mainly for keeping up with what on Earth I’m doing, and less to track whether I washed my hair. And that’s fine. The lovely Megan from Lazy Thoughts did a great post about how she actually uses her Bullet Journal and I definitely recommend. Everyone uses there’s differently and that’s one of the things I love about it.

Anyway, back to me me me. I saw this on Pinterest and quickly became obsessed with it and new I wanted it to be in my fave notebook. It’s a tracker, but one you only fill in when you do the things, meaning you don’t have to check it every day. Also, it’s in the shape of a gumball machine so ya know… you just colour in the circles when you do a thing, and before you know it, your machine will be full of colourful sweets.

Why did that sound like an innuendo that belongs on GBBO?

We all know that when it comes to losing weight, the scales lie. Especially as I am v v unfortunately (trust me on this one) well endowed in the chest area, I always tell myself they weight a lot and are the reason I don’t lose weight. Believe me as much as you will, it works for me. So I’m trying to do my measurements and track how they go down. As you can see, I’m a BIT behind in filling them out. Because, tbh, I’m too scared. I know I’m not gonna like them, and I’ve been wanting to write this post that’s my real excuse. But now I have to do it.

I also want to start, ya know, using my gym membership. I do only pay £12.99 which is a CRACKING deal, and it’s a great gym and 24/7… but because it’s so cheap I don’t feel bad about not going? Which seems backwards, I’m aware. But really, I only have to go three times a month to make my money back. Which is still a stretch.
My gym is not in the most convenient place, it’s midway between work and home because I got the introductory offer. In fact, when my price increases I’ll probably move it but that's beside the point. I like to go in the morning before work, as I don't get back from work 'till 7 as it is, but I also like my bed. Do you see my dilemma here?

Anyway, I've decided to start a couple of those 30 day things, I wanna perk up me bum, try and magic some upper arm strength out of nowhere. I also am in the midst of signing up for a run with my bffl and my bf, I need an aim to get myself to the gym and on that treadmill. Because I struggle to run for the bus. And the bus stop is one minute from my door. This zombie run is basically Couch to 5k, but with a storyline feat zombies and stuff, to keep you running. Everytime I do the relevant it gets a big fat X, which is beyond satisfying.

Not gonna lie, this hasn't got off to the best start. Which is very obvious. But I'm hoping once I post this, sign up for a run and realise that I can get myself back to where I was before and be more happy with myself.



  1. I love the gumball machine idea! That will look so cute once it's all coloured in :) I also need to eat healthier and not just have a packet of monster much and an entire tray of Hotel Chocolat Rose & Violet creams for dinner simply because I can't be bothered and I don't want to spend money on a takeaway haha. I might start tracking my eating in my bullet journal too, see if that motivates me! xxx