Why Having a Little Brother Was The Best Thing That Could've Happened to Me.

You know, unless he was a sister...

Ha I jest, I've had my influence on Jack and now he spends his spare time doing cartwheels and trying to get into the splits. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

Anyway, I remember when my Mum told us we were going to have another little sibling, I was not impressed.For context, Jack has a different dad to me and my other brother, but that's kind of irrelevant. I didn't want a smelly nappy baby (this has actually become what I call Jack) invading my life, ya know, plus I was a hormonal 15 year old and didn't want things to change.

As time rolled round I got more used to it. But I still remember the day that Jack was born, getting the call that it was a boy. Again, not impressed. I already have one brother, I don't need another, I've always been the only girl in my entire family (up until two weeks before Jack was born lol) and I'd had enough of it. Plus, dressing up girls is fun.

But you know, the wonderful thing about babies is that you can't dislike them. Babies generally bring everybody together in a warm fuzz of babiness and that's exactly what happened.

Let's skip through the first few years of Jacks life, because although babies are cute, they're pretty boring. Especially when they're crying all night.

I can't really pinpoint when Jack became such a huge part of my life. Probably just before I went to University, so he would have been 4 and I would've been 18. I remember when I left home and he kept bringing teddies out to the car for me to take with me. Oh gosh, that made me get emotional again, uno second.

I don't really want to go into too much detail here, but the first year of Uni was rough. Jack (although he will probably never know it, unless this blog is still around when he's a grown up, in which case, hello future) got me through a lot. And it's a lot of dark stuff that I barely talk about with my bffl, let alone the one person that's reading this blog from a dark corner of the UK.

Having someone young around you, forces you to be positive. There's this little piece of person who doesn't know how shit the world can be, hasn't been influenced by any negativity and doesn't know there's ratass boys (or girls) around. And there's something so incredibly heart warming about that. I never wanted to be someone who negativitised (is that even a word) Jacks view on life. It's nice to know that his view on the world is pure, and obviously that's lessened as he got older, but it's still cute.

And in a weird kind of way, having that stability of a young person to look after, or think about how my actions could effect him, stopped me from doing a few things that would probably have impacted my life now. Deep, I know.

He got me this proper cute quote for my recent birthday (hello grandma) and it's probably the cutest thing I've ever recieved. I know it sounds a bit sad but he probably is like a best friend to me. Not in the way that I tell him about boy troubles (mainly because he's been in a 'relationship' longer than me lolz) or job problems, but in the way that he can actually cheer me up at any point. If I call my Mum with problems and I'm grumpy she will always get me to speak to Jack because he makes my heart a bit happier.

Also, I actually lived in the house when Jack was, you know, hard work. When he was an actual baby and needed feeding and changing and looking after. And you know you're always aware of how hard kids are, but I think it's something you never truly know until you're around a kid all the time. And not saying that it's bad to have kids now or that I would have had 3 kids by now if Jack wasn't a thing, but it's made me realise how hard it is. And how there's things I want to have on a personal level before I have children. I know that plans never really follow through (in the middle of a life career crisis I couldn't be more aware) but it's nice to have ideas in place isn't it.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks Jackywackydoodah. Also, remember folks, if you get news of something you feel will ruin everything, you never know, it could be the best thing that ever happens to you.