Self Care in Autumn

I know that it's officially November and in the majority of bloggers minds that means it's time to be wrapping up presents listening to Michael Buble with a Christmas hat on.

But you're all wrong.
(And I am the grinch)

I mean I love Christmas but not yet. But that's the point of another post.
My point was that I know I'm probably a bit late with this autumnal post but I think A/W is a difficult time for looking after yourself, but it's important to still do it.

It gets dark a lot earlier, it's cold (especially when your heating still isn't working), and everyone is missing that sunshine that 6 weeks ago we were all moaning about. But here's my top tips to make sure you still look after yourself for the rest of the year (and beyond).

Get Outside
I know, it's cold. It's so much easier to stay cuddled up inside your bed watching Parks and Rec (my new obsession) and drinking 50 cups of Peppermint Tea. But getting outside in that fresh crisp air can be exactly what your mind needs to brush away those cobwebs. It is literally like doing a little spring clean on your brain... in the wrong season. But seriously, is there anything better than the sound of crunching leaves between your feet?

Do Cute Outside Things with Cute People
Bit vague. There's lots of little events and stuff around Autumn that you can pop in your Bullet Journal to keep yourself busy. There's Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas Markets and Christmas Lights. I'm going to Alexandra Palace fireworks this weekend with a bunch of people, and I'm buzzing. Whilst a lot of displays are ticketed I know there's loads of fields local to me that do free displays and I'm sure there's some near you too. Last week I went round a local market with Sam and for a nice walk and I also went to Gods Own Junkyard with my buddy Sophie.

Do Cute Things Inside with Cute People
Ha. You got me. I know I'm saying it's good to get out, but it's also nice to stay in and be cosy. Do some baking, invite your bffl over for a cute film session with popcorn and chocolate, have the boyf over for a cuddle and binge through Stranger Things together. Build a fort. Sit in with fairy lights and candles and hot chocolate.

Eat Healthy Food
I actually find it easier to eat healthy in winter than in summer, but I think I'm weird in that way. I'm just not a salad eater. I get it's a lot easier to eat chocolate when you're all snuggled up, but there are alternates. Right now, I am obsessed with making soup. I'm probably going to do a recipe post soon but there's loads online, and I basically boil up all the vegetables I want for about 30 minutes and then blend them up with a hand blender. And it's loads of veggies all in one go. Eating healthy really does make you feel better about yourself and soup is great to give you a nice little warm up.

And that's it!
That's the things I'm doing in these colder months to keep myself feeling as positive as possible!

Do you have any top tips?