14 Things I Did in 2017

Right keep this a secret but I actually feel like I'm getting a bit old no?

I genuinely thing it was only yesterday I was 21, able to handle my drink (and more importantly my hangovers) and could eat a whole pizza without instantly putting on 4 stone. But here I am, almost 25. But anyway, a lot has changed this year, and I wanted to do a bit of a summary.

So here we are, 14 things I've done this year:

1. Started asking for help more
2. Went on holiday to Florida
3. Started liking myself a bit more
4. Lost a lot of weight
5. Got in a relationship and put it all on again (and some)
6. Became a Tinderella
7. Made some brilliant new friends
8. Went through a few different jobs
9. Became a lot stronger
10. Met up with the Blog Squad and had a ball
11. Got out of something I was unhappy in, and decided to make a change
12. Started spending time on self care, and knowing what I need when I need it
13. Started teaching myself a lot more things
14. Celebrated a year of blogging

I feel like 2017 has been a year full of changes, both good and bad. It's been a tough year, but I for one feel like I've come out of it a lot stronger.

What have you done this year?