5 Goals for 2018

So as my first post in the most mismatched series of posts ever, I'm starting off with some goals for 2018. I've mentioned approx a thousand times before that I love the optimism of starting a new year all fresh, so here we go eh. May as well just jump right in then...

1. Blog more
I mean I said this last year, and I blogged a lot less. But ya know, what you gonna do? I've been through a lot of jobs this week, a lot of things have gone on (wait for the next post, I'm a tease) and I have been very busy. I don't think I've really had a break since I went to Florida and even that wasn't the most relaxing holiday. But I do feel a bit more settled now and with a long commute on my hand I wanna learn to use that as productively as I can in the New Year. Ideally watching new stuff on Netflix whilst blogging (so if anyone wants to gift me an iPad Air that'd be great). Anyway I really wanna put a lot of effort into my blog and not see it trailing into nothingness like it kinda has been.

2. Try being Vegetarian
I am a meat lover. For the first 23 years of my life I strongly believed a meal isn't a meal without meat. I couldn't understand why anyone would be a vegetarian because that would mean you can't eat bacon. But over the first month or so I have really cut down my intake of meat. To be honest, it was nothing to do with the environment or anything ethical, more that a) meat is expensive b) I painful bloat a lot (TMI) and was convinced it was coeliac like my Mum, but since I cut down it's got a lot better. So I'd like to give it a go. Even if I only last a month I'd like to just try. Also my Dad told me a really cute story about a pig at his monastry the other day and it made me very emotional.

3. Join a Class
I was so tempted to write 'get fit' as a goal, like I do every bloody year and every year I get to December the 18th and end up fatter than I was in the first place. This year is no exception. Back in January/February I lost a tonne of weight (thanks to night shifts), got really happy with how I looked and then got in a relationship and promptly put it all back on again. Thanks. When I was younger I did dancing classes for 15 years and loved it, and it's something I really want to get back into. I'd love to do tap dancing again but for some reason it seems harder to find an adult tap dancing in London than on the Isle of Wight.

4. Take more short trips around Europe
It won't be hard for me to improve upon that for this year, seeing as I didn't take any short trips out around Europe at all. My friend Sophie and I have been planning a day trip to Oslo for approximately the last 12 years but we seem to have gone another year without taking our relationship to the next level. I know there's so many cheap flights around at the moment (Thanks to Ryanair no doubt) and I'd love to take advantage of them even if it's only for a day here and there. Though to be fair I did have a nightmare the other night that I went to Oslo and got mugged by some nurses dressed as pigs and ended up sleeping rough on the street. So who knows.

5. Learn new things
I really want to become one of them really cool well rounded people that appears to have knowledge in everything. Though tbf I also want to be one of those people that likes to run and chooses fruit over a doughnut but I tell you thats not gonna happen. Anyway, realistic goals, I want to take some new courses. I'm going through an NVQ online right now, I do Japanese on Duolingo and I just wanna become cool. Because who doesn't love cool?

So there we are, my goals for the next 12 months. A pretty generic post but I for one feel motivated now and I'm hoping I've passed that on to you!