It's not been easy to get in the Christmas spirit for me this year. Leaving the flat at 7am, getting back at 7pm, spending half my life on a crowded Tube train and the fact that I've been ill for approximately 2 months. But when it comes to it, I think that all I really needed was a little Christmas sparkle in my life.

Once again, Talking Tables know exactly how to jump in on time and fix everything. What a surprise. The babes. This post is a relatively short one but I have more bits and bobs going on with them over the next while so keep your eyes peeled!

 The trouble is, living in a rented place that I will (hopefully) not be living out the rest of my years in, I don't have a great deal of things I can actually do without wrecking my walls and losing the deposit. Which is probably worth more than my left kidney. Also, my room is smaller than some peoples wardrobes so the idea of getting a tree or any large things is hugely laughable. So all the things I have up in this post can be done without ruining the chance of getting your deposit back, whether it's blue tack, free standing or can be pinned into the side of a door frame (sneaky).

Everybody knows that fairy lights make anything feel Christmassy and overall more snug and cosy, which is something a small cupboard/room definitely needs. It's lovely to sit and blog under them, or even just cosy up watching Netflix with the boyf. These copper ones from Talking Tables are especially wintery, they're such a subtle and soft light it's the flat equivalent of having a fire burning.

This beautiful bunting is hung up across my flat by blue tac one side, and a door frame on the other. I love the colours on it and love the way the fairy lights behind make it all shadow-y (definitely not a word) and subtle. Also, and this probably isn't a thing either, but even reading the words 'cosy' on my wall makes me feel all snug and cosy inside. Even though I'm freezing.

 Something to make your shelves, or desk, or on top of your chest of drawers more festive are these cute as anything Nordic Christmas Trees. They have wood trunks and you could mould the tree-y bit around a bit to how you want/make it stand up. I also had some great fun making up some fake snow I got from Winter Wonderland. I go to that bloody stand every year and it's so much fun and now I have it in my house and it's just amazing. I hope you all know what I'm talking about here.

A final thing to do to get your room in the Christmas spirit is pretty obvious, light some candles. I have this Yankee Candle which is called Snow in Love and is such a clean but Christmassy scent, it get everywhere. With the fairy lights it makes for such a nice lighting and with this to get all snuggly with (but never fall asleep with candles on, I'm such a fire freak) I do feel a lot more relaxed at nighttime.

So there it is, some ways to make your rented cupboard apartment feel all cosy and festivey without throwing away your deposit! Let me know what you think about it down below!

*I was sent the Talking Tables items in this post in return for a review, but all pictures, thoughts and love for them is absolutely my own*